Restricting Whites From Employment Becomes Systemic In Canada


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[Paul Fromm sent me this information about the latest insane discrimination against Whites in Canada. It's pure insanity. Jan]

Away from the mainstream media spotlight, a critical social issue is festering within the world of Canadian academia:

Will Race & Gender-Based Hiring In Universities Continue After Quotas Are Met?

As published by independent media outlet True North News, the question strikes at the heart of Canada’s oh-so-sensitive symposium on race-relations. Based on the observation, one can be certain that the nature of the discussion will be held back from public awareness by media.

"Universities are continuing to push race- and gender-based hiring practices for jobs associated with a federal government program despite “diversity, equity and inclusion” targets already being met."

"The federal government also suggested discriminatory race-and gender-based hiring practices could continue regardless of targets."

The consequences of continuation should elicit discussion regarding an ominous and potentially dangerous precedent:

If(more likely when) DEI employment levels become commensurate with ethnic-religious representation in Canadian academia, and still continue to be maintained, what message is delivered to society?

It would be wise to place the circumstances in the context of historical examples of racial priorities promoted by government. In this regard, we speak of the concept of white Canadians being refused employment based on the immutable fact that they are white.

“The Canadian Human Rights Act, created in 1977, is designed to ensure equality of opportunity. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, age, sex and a variety of other categories.”

But when candidates of Anglo-European heritage are excluded based on race, suddenly it’s permissible? This is the set-up at hand, but not to worry, woke warriors, PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government will permit it regardless. Heck, they’re even willing pay for "reverse racism" against our communities.

"In the United States, it is illegal discrimination if a person or a company intentionally treats you differently based on your race, ethnicity, or national origin. For example, a landlord violates the law if you apply to rent an apartment and are told that the landlord doesn’t rent to black people."

It’s bad enough that the Feds have put to bed the concept of the "most qualified individual gets the job," thereby transitioning Canada’s employment standards to a neo-Marxist model. It’s another thing when equilibrium has been accomplished, and race-based hiring continues to proliferate.

The Liberals aren’t this far-along yet in terms of "post-modern" government policies, but in the arena of "woke" politics, Canadians should by now have learned to "never say never." What we speak of strikes at the heart of society. When governments elevate race, ethnicity, religion to the top of a nation’s socio-political totem pole, trouble eventually comes a’calling.

"It has since transformed into a program that promotes DEI ideology through the allure of federal funding. The aim is to have chairs be 50.9% women, 22% visible minorities, 7.5% persons with disabilities, and 4.9% Indigenous by December 2029."

CAP zero-in on the set-up. After which we do what establishment media are being paid to eschew:

In 30 years time, when the Canadian demographic shifts white Canadians to a minority community, what shall transpire? CBC have yet to mention it(they never will), but Anglo-European demography is at present dropping like a bomb.

We imagine a future scenario, applying the "percentage of ethnic community relative to employment quotas" imperative to the situation. As whites deplete in population, they are effectively barred from employment– even when constituting a minority community. This is racism, straight-up.

This is the social dynamic PM Trudeau and his Liberals are institutionalizing in our country. In this is intimated the true meaning of Trudeau’s "post-modern society" declaration– a euphemism for transition to a socialist society.

We challenge the ambiguity of his proclamation. By "post-modern," our PM envisions a complete socio-political inversion of Canadian society. "Racialized" in the driver’s seat, whitey to the back of the bus. Only in this case– as a result of long-term pre-conceived planning– there shall be no "Rosa Parks" to rescue Anglophones from their fate.

In our opinion, Trudeau loves this, and so too New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh. It’s one of plethora of nefarious future scenarios that our quasi-communist leaders have in store for the future of our country.

“After Reconstruction, state and local governments doubled down on these efforts by enacting Jim Crow laws, which codified the role of Black people in the Southern economy and society.”

“States such as South Carolina enacted strict ‘Black Codes’ that fined Black people if they worked in any occupation other than farming or domestic servitude.”

Perhaps we shouldn’t give the Feds any big ideas. In terms of systemic racial prejudice, there’s many ways to skin-a-cat. Wrapping the prejudice in a coat-of-many-colours doth not change the bottom line.

As conservative writer Spencer Fernando commented in a recent article on DEI initiatives, "Racial hiring preferences are discriminatory, because instead of judging someone by their skills and actions, people are judged by their race."

Only this time out the tables have been turned toward white Canadians.

Based on the hubris employed by the Liberals, NDP, multicultural industry and academic zealots, the future for Anglophones in Canada looks as shaky a maple leaf in a windstorm.

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