RENAISSANCE ROUND-UP: Jared Taylor … weak … do we Whites deserve to survive? … at least some Asians will miss us…


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Jared Taylor wrote these weak comments recently:


Sometimes, whites can be so pathetic you wonder whether we even deserve to survive. If we don’t, a few Asians will miss our creativity and our past grandeur, but everyone else will celebrate our disappearance even as they wonder why the world is turning so ugly and violent.

My Thoughts:

I thought his commentary was weak. … do we deserve to survive.

What kind of nonsense is that? Of course we deserve to (and will) survive. OUR SURVIVAL IS NOT NEGOTIABLE. Anyway, it is as if he believes that we need to WANT OTHERS TO MISS US. That’s pathetic. Who cares what the others think? We will survive whether they like it or not FFS.

In fact, we will survive … over the dead bodies of others.

Our future is NOT NEGOTIABLE and will WILL SURVIVE regardless of who tries to kill us.

Just keep on going … just keep Red Pilling Whites.

All will be well. We will TEAR DOWN EVERYTHING WE DON’T LIKE!

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