Reader writes: You seem interested in German weapons of WW2 – My LOVE OF WHITE TECHNOLOGY

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One of my South African readers popped me a note about his interest in German fighter planes of WW2. He noted that I have an interest in German weapons of WW2, especially tanks.

Let me expand on this a bit.

Due to my love of technology, engineering and science and the end result of that, I therefore like all technology. But I do have a very specific interest in the technical and scientific achievements of the Germans in WW2. The Germans were simply AMAZING … and I mean AMAZING in what they achieved with what little they had.

Most combat takes place on land, and thus the vast number of weapons are land weapons. But I like all weapons, and even all types of vehicles which might not be actual weapons. e.g. transportation vehicles.

The unbelievable creativity of the Germans under Hitler’s fine leadership is just astounding. There has never been a time in history when so many incredible things were done in such a short time.

Thanks to Hitler, the human race got into space. That’s a FACT.

But I love all weapons, and I like all technology.

I’ve just never done videos about them.

I actually have a thorough appreciation of warfare and I think the things that they invented were just splendid – especially when you see the concepts behind them, and the technical genius as well as the fine men who drove or flew or crewed these amazing weapons. Just stunning stuff.

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