Reader: Didn’t Hitler just copy some of Mussolini’s ideas? NO! NAZISM is FANTASTIC – It’s very advanced

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One American lady wrote this to me:

My understanding is that Hitler copied much

of the fascists’ policies developed under Mussolini
who was the first leader to install that form of government.

I replied:
He might have copied a few things, but not much. My understanding is that Fascism is very different to Nazism. VERY DIFFERENT.

And NAZISM is also much more scientific and philosophical. When you begin to grasp it, it is more than just politics. It is a whole different view of the world and nature and life.

In time to come I want to touch on many of these things. It is also a return to the Roman Empire and Paganism and pre-Christian values that worked for our race for tens of thousands of years.

But it is also highly SCIENTIFIC and PHILOSOPHICAL. NAZISM is NOT politics as usual. It is VERY ADVANCED and very well thought through and based on real world facts and historical facts.

Once you grasp it, you won’t see the world the same way again.

Feel free to fire comments or questions at me. It is very important that people begin to grasp it. It includes ideas on race and history, which is critical. It is a way of living your life.

You throw away all the garbage Jewish ideas and you live in a more real way.

NAZISM is not communism. It is totally new, very advanced and unlike anything ever thought up. It is the way of the future, and the way we European peoples can live until the end of time.

It’s a fantastic system. It is NOT just politics. It is deep, solid and very well thought out and it suits our temperament to a T.

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