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[The only man on the list whom I have contempt for is the Canadian Jordan Peterson. I have no time for him. He is a German-hating man. A total idiot. He might just be a weak goy who pretends not to see the evil of the Jews, but he could be a Jew or even a crypto Jew. A pal of mine here in SA discussed this some time ago. He pointed out his first name "Jordan" which might be a Jewish indication. Peterson has a SEETHING HATRED OF GERMANS, that I cannot stand. It is not normal and it strongly suggests to me he is a crypto Jew. I don't listen to his arguments. I studied him a bit and I was not impressed with him. the others I have more respect for. We must give Jones credit for calling out the Jews. Its too bad Buchanan is so weak because he has the brain power necessary to be a great leader. But he lacks the energy and fire that you need. That's where Trump is better. Jan]

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6:05 a.m., Wednesday Dec. 30

Tarrasik: wrote:

I like have always liked Buchanan and Ron Paul. But they, just like E. Michael Jones, Jared Taylor, Jordan Peterson and many other conservative types, are unwilling to take that final step. Even though they accept that race is a relevant factor, they will not admit that Jewish activities are at the core of the problem. Everywhere you look, Jews are deeply involved. That fact alone should arouse the curiosity of these intellectuals. But somehow it doesn’t.


11:42 a.m., Wednesday Dec. 30

papasha408 wrote:

E.Michael Jones certainly calls out the Jews. And, Buchanan has been critical of Israel and the Israel Lobbies.

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