Quick note from Jan: Lots of Power Outages, rain & trying to fix my battery wiring

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Just a note. We had a *LOT* of rain in the last 2 weeks and during it we had a lot of power outages. They just hit at any time. My own jippoed (hacked together) solar power and batteries worked perfectly during the rain and outages, day or night.

I had been experimenting with lighting in my house from batteries. It sort of worked, but was not working properly for long periods.

So I waited for the rain to stop. Then I dashed out and was working on a lot of rewiring of my batteries from my solar power room to my house. I’m not finished.

I had to do it in such a way that any time when I finish working, that the wiring still runs from my battery bank to my house – because I can lose power at any time of day or night.

I’ve made great progress. But just be aware, that I’m dashing in and out inbetween doing work on the websites because I want to finish the wiring before the next lot of rain comes.

The great news is that during all the rain and unexpected outages hitting at any time, I was able to function without skipping a beat.

I have partially completed videos and 2 interviews I still need to put up.

I am also very pleased that in total I got 3 orders on White-shop.biz

That is also something new for me, and I’m fumbling and bumbling around in dealing with that because this is the first time I’ve run a proper online shop. However, so far, we’ve overcome all the problems. I am very pleased all in all with my solar and also with my new little shop.

The concepts are working.


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