Putin hates Hitler, and totally supports Jews – Says Hitler was going to send Jews to Africa

I will post a short video later, where Putin talks about Hitler. It’s in Russian with subtitles.

Putin talks at length about Hitler planning to send the Jews to Africa. Then he actually whines, cry-baby like that this is "the same as extermination". That’s actually a load of garbage. Hitler’s plan, which had been discussed even before WW2 generally, was to send the Jews to the French Island of Madagascar. They would get an island bigger than Britain all to themselves. My Boer NAZI pal also said the same thing to me. He even told me the story of how his father actually stole a good map of Madagascar from here in South Africa and sent it to the Germans on request of the Germans. The Jews had plenty of options of places to live including the fact that the Jews had a Jewish state in the USSR itself. So Putin talks like a cry baby about moving the Jews "to Africa" and that being "like extermination". That’s just a load of crap. The fact is that Jews never really actually want a country of their own. The spoilt brat rats actually just never want to be punished for their crimes. They get away with so many.

But returning to Putin. Putin actually makes it quite clear, in an angry tone, that he totally disapproves of Hitler and the things Hitler did, especially Hitler’s attitude to the Jews.

Putin is himself, very much linked to Jews. In his distant past he also has a bit of Jew – in his distant past.

Truly, I can’t see how Whites can want to support Putin.

In some discussions I’ve had with Americans who keenly support Putin, I have concluded that the real motivating factor is simply that there are White Americans who have such a HATRED of Jews and Liberals that they would love to see anything the US Government or Military doing, that it actually FAILS. They are driven more by a HATRED of their own disgusting, garbage anti-White system than anything.

In that sense, I can understand because that’s how I feel about the Blacks here. When our garbage government fails, especially militarily, I get very excited. I deduced this even from discussions with an American who had spent much of his life in the US Military. He actually HATES the US Military. So I can grasp that.

I can understand Whites who are insanely angry and frustrated in America and them supporting Putin for that reason.

I can accept that and go with it, rather than arguing that Putin is good/right. I don’t buy that. But I can grasp pure frustration and hatred.

And I’m sensing that more and more in Whites, even in South Africa, where some are so sick and tired of the shit. It seems to me that we are getting closer and closer to a point where we will one day just throw all logic out of the window, because we just want to rip some enemies’ throats out.

It is long overdue anyway.

I have looked at some Russian writings in English. I will discuss that separately.

The bottom line is, Putin DOES hate NAZIS and Hitler. So for me, that is a problem. Putin is definitely NOT pro-White. He is serious about Denazification.

And while Putin is not a pure Jew, like Zelensky and the one before him, who rule(d) Ukraine, the fact is that Putin is very Jew friendly, and has a big soft spot for Jews. So yes, he’s not a Jew, but he is VERY JEW FRIENDLY and well acquainted with the Jewish garbage.

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