Various proposed maps for a FUTURE Whites-Only state in South Africa!


[Here are some maps I found that various people had drawn up in recent years for Whites-only states in South Africa. I began doing my own map-drawing exercise many years ago and my proposal was for a portion of the Cape. But I drew the borders based on one concept only: Military Defense. However there are other proposals. Rest assured NONE of these will see the light of day because the Globalist Powers that be do NOT want to see the whites of Africa arising ever again.

I’ve said all along that there’s only one currency in which you “buy” a state and that is with YOUR BLOOD! But I like this project a LOT and I LOVE the idea! Its well worth DYING FOR! Nobody will allow us to have it … but if we really want it, we should FIGHT FOR IT like everyone else in history has done! Jan]

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