Professor Carroll Quigley: The History Teacher of & Super Intellectual of the US Elite?


So far in my digging into Professor Carroll Quigley is impressing me.

In 2012, I was having a chat to a South African who had good friends in the USA. Some of our chats centered around the notion that the USA is a country that is DESIGNED FOR CHANGE … that it is changing and deliberately so.

Now Quigley was a history professor and extremely knowledgeable. He originally was a student of physics.

In going through some of Quigley’s work I can see the indisputable notion that Quigley looks at society and nations as undergoing CHANGE. The emphasis of some of his thinking relates to the need for constant change and evolution in everything.

It is linked to the notion that if a country does NOT change, that it will be defeated and beaten by others.

The types of ideas he talks about, sound to me very familiar with the kind of thinking of the modern elites of the USA.

The USA is not just arming up and engaging in aggressive global politics for nothing. The GOAL is to create an American Empire.

This is the type of thinking that comes from Quigley. And Quigley also speaks about Cecil Rhodes whose goal was for Britain to rule the world. Rhodes was an Anglo-Saxon supremacist.

There are differences in their thinking compared to Hitler, and I still think that Hitler was even deeper and more accurate.

The Anglo-American world, especially the British side, seems to be filled with Secret Societies.

I’m utterly convinced that the US Elite think that they are making the USA stronger and even invincible, by doing the mad things they are doing.

It will take me some more time to dig into Quigley’s deeper thoughts. But unquestionably, he saw the world as a whole entity and he looked down on it from a higher height.

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