President Trump’s WARMONGERING in Iran and North Korea

It seems to me every move Donald Trump is making is now for WAR. Iran and North Korea. Iran we were expecting. I’m so bored with his moves. I don’t see how any of this is what whites in the USA actually voted for. But it sure as hell will work for the Jews.

I see that the USA has now opened its first permanent military base in Israel. I just shake my head. The Jews have made the US Govt insane and the Elite and upperclasses are in with the Jews out on world conquest whereever the filthy Jew leads them.

I don’t see how either Iran or North Korea (even if they have nukes) is in any way a problem that the USA must solve. Consider China and Russia and Israel with their nukes!! You won’t hear a peep about that. So why go and beat up a small nation? If the nukes threaten Japan then let the Japanese solve it? But Jewish America does NOT want either the Germans or Japanese to rise again. The Japanese would defend themselves with ease.

Looking back on my life, I’d say the USA has never yet fought an actual war that deserved to be fought. When we were under real attack and threat the USA did nothing. Communism swept across the whole of Africa tearing up Portuguese and British territories and neither the USA nor Britain did anything substantive to stand even a little bit. Truly pathetic. Now America wants to smash North Korea down? What for? What a joke it is. Its just a Jewish agenda and last time there was a Korean war the JEWS were ensuring that the USA and the West did NOT win it. Even South Africans and Australians went to fight there.

These wars are a load of rubbish. They serve absolutely ZERO purpose. ZERO.

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