Possible Malware on HistoryReviewed


One of my supporters sent me this note re: HistoryReviewed. It sounds a lot like I may have a problem there too, though I’ve not spotted this myself. If it happens to you, then please take a screen shot of what you see before closing the window.

There is a popup for a free PDF book – did six million really die. That’s not malware.

But if you see anything else weird popping up, take a screen shot and drop me a note on the contact us page.

Here is what my supporter saw, I will be investigating it. Currently I’m busy with AfricanCrisis which has definite malware, the robovirus:

On History Reviewed, when I access it, I get several pop up windows, one
asking me to click to get a free PDF converter, and another one shows a little man
icon…. I immediately exited. This has been going on at least since

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