POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Anders Breivik, the Norwegian/Viking White Wolf – What he stood for

I’ve done my first bit of investigating of Breivik, who killed almost 93 people in Norway.

I’ve been going through the long introduction to his book about Europe in 2083. Brevik was fighting against POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. His knowledge is fascinating. He speaks intensely about Cultural Marxism, and how Communism (aka Marxism) modified itself and changed its focus from destroying the economic system to destroying the "Paternal" system and also creating a "cultural pessimism". It is clear that he must have studied the internet a lot, especially information that came out of the USA itself. He aimed it at Europeans, but it was very much "American based" data he was working on.

A South African buddy of mine whose worked in Europe and the UK and knows it well. Has said to me that being in South Africa, I do NOT realise the power of the forces working on whites. e.g. The intense drives to transgender stuff. He said I cannot grasp how INTENSE this really is.

Others, also from SA, who moved to Europe, told me that they see the EU as being the EUSSR (i.e. like the Soviet Union).

I think therefore, in this light, of the power of control over whites in Europe having things foisted upon them that they internally HATE, I think that one must therefore see Breivik as the single European who rebelled against Political Correctness and the Jewish mind control that was being foisted on people.

To my knowledge he was the first political killer in the West, in the age of the Internet, and he was focusing on saving Europe, which is a very admirable thing to do.

His writings are very academic, and well worded. He writes nicely, even to the point of being a bit boring and repetitive. But he had his facts lined up nicely.

He even said that whites of the 1950s would be HORRIFIED to live in the modern world and that the fall of the Roman Empire was a much slower, more graceful affair than the DISASTER that has come to the West since the end of WW2.

All in all, Breivik impresses me.

I watched for the first time the footage of the vehicle bomb he set off. It was an amazing piece of work. To my knowledge Breivik had worked on this project for 10 years. Furthermore, when he had completed his mission, he phoned the Police himself, to tell them he was behind it.

I must tell you, Breivik impresses me from the bit that I’ve seen.

I see some people claim he’s a Free Mason, but I don’t find that believable. I’ve actually met 2 Free Masons in my life and no Free Mason would write or do any of the things that Breivik did.

I want to study him a bit more, inbetween my other work. But I want to tell you that he should be regarded as the FIRST WHITE MALE IN EUROPE WHO REBELLED AGAINST THE LIBERAL POLITICAL CORRECTNESS CRAP. Truly, in that regard, Breivik deserves his rightful place in this world, as the FIRST Internet White Wolf. He was trying to save Europe and I think he showed some real character.

As for his victims who were white. They were all being indoctrinated into becoming anti-white. There is no question about that. He was rebelling against those who were pushing whites into becoming Liberals and being traitors to their own nations and their own race. He found a target that he thought was worth striking at in the same way that Dylann Roof chose his targets.

I actually need to spend more time, later, as time allows, actually reading the manifestos of each of our Internet White Wolves. Most of them wrote their political and racial views down and they made proper arguments for what their motives were. They clearly identified themselves with being PATRIOTIC to their NATIONS and their RACE.

None of them worked to break down the USA or Norway or Germany for example. They were against those who had wangled their way into power who WERE BUSY BREAKING DOWN THOSE NATION STATES AND THE WHITES THEREIN.

The White Wolves must be seen for what they are:
(a) True Western Patriots – each of whom would have been well at home in a military force.
(b) True Racial Patriots.

In the case of Breivik, he even openly stands up for the FAMILY UNIT, of men being men and women being wives. He looked to the white family unit of the 1950s as being the core way of organising life. He even mentioned his abhorrence of pornography that is common these days.

There is not a single thing that I can find fault with, in the writings of Breivik that show him to be a degenerate or an enemy agent in any form.

I’ll dig more, as time allows, but truly, Breivik stood for real values that I don’t think even Christians could find fault with. He did not suggest anything immoral. He probably used violence as his way of drawing attention to his political writings.

Apparently, in 2021, there is some legal procedure that is due to occur with Breivik.

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