Polish guy who wanted to move to S.Africa, but went to Canada – About the Decline and Fall of Canada thanks to JEWS!

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[Someone contacted me, and it turned out to be a Polish guy who used to be on my Old AfricanCrisis website 15+ years ago. Below is an exchange between him and myself. He is referring to the Jews below – re: those who live in a country and are never loyal to it. Jan]

He wrote to me:-
Yes, it was your original siteIt was quite a long time ago. If I remember well it was shut down or you stopped running it
And a few weeks ago I googled your name and found your site
In 86 I was a refugee in Italy and wanted to emigrate to South Africa but the situation there was steering to different direction and I chose Canada
I can only tell you this: if people don’t respect their forefathers, their heritage and let their children be brainwashed by those who are never ever loyal to the country they live in, the result is that the civilization is rotting from inside and eventually falls. Look into the history of the Roman empire.
Same thing, from great power to nothing. The root of the fall is always moral decay.

I replied:-

I’m very pleased to see someone back from those times.

I was looking at how much stuff we spoke about then on my site, and what I posted, and I actually did a lot of work last year to revive it. The reviving did not work so well, but I managed to at least get most of the text articles online. I got 110,000 articles back up. I put them here: http://archive.africancrisis.info/

If you go there, you can search in the top left for old stuff. If you find anything you think I should post and remind people of then send it. I need to clean it up properly. I have even thought of trying to take the old website in its original form and to bring it online. So the above is workable. It’s not pretty, but for now I’ve left it there. I have too much work to do. So I might look at it again next year. I have posted quite a few things from the past that people didn’t know I had. And I discovered even more stuff when I got those articles online. You are welcome to share it too with others.

Out of curiosity, what made you think of me and want to get back to me? My current website (AfricanCrisis) is not that good. There’s not that much news. There is a lot of news about black violence every day. It never stops. But nothing severe. And I’m tired of posting about all the actions of these worthless black sacks of shit. But I am trying to improve the quality of my stuff.

I totally agree with you on "Moral decay". It also includes a collapse of morale in a country. But there is a good side because I see even in South Africa even among the non-Whites there is a collapse in morale. It’s lovely to watch them stop believing in their own system! I love it. So we are not at the end of history. This idiotic country that SA has become is itself going to collapse and I can’t wait for it. Then we have "Round 2" of the battle for our lives! It will be awesome.

My main website is historyreviewed.com – that’s where I post the most. I learned about the Jews in 2012. If you recall how pro-Jew and pro-Israel I was. Well, can you believe that the final end of AfricanCrisis was when, in 2012, I awoke to the Jewish issue. It shocked me to shit!!! I did a video about it called "The Christmas I kicked the Jews Out". So yes, I set out to tell people about communism, but in the end, I learned about Jews and it shocked the crap out of me. I realised just what scum and fiends these garbage are!

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