Judge for yourself whether the Muslims or the Christians are following the Bible more accurately to the letter! As for White women who are Christians, look at what is expected of you … shave your head or cover it … like the Muslim women… that’s in the Bible. Or, are you merely applying the Bible as, when, and how you see fit? Christians, when are you going to stop eating Pork? And when will you pray like Abraham, Moses and Jesus? Things to ponder…



  • 12th October 2019 at 3:44 am

    Yes they are, the reason being is they are going to use them as a weapon against the whites who have lost their way and become weak which is part of their agenda. Nazis did not conquer the world, Christians smashed the world when they were real Christians.

    Real Christians follow the old testament as per christs words that no law has changed, that he did not come to change the law.

    The old testament makes it very clear, the Israelities (White Western Caucasian nations) that left Assyria, entered into Western Europe under the name Saccae and were known as Parthians, went West – that was one migration, the Scots came from Spain (hiberia) through to Hibernia (Ireland) – both words meaning Hebrew to settle in that region, as written by the declaration of Arborith.

    The Lord told his people, they will be his battle ax, his weapon of war and with them, they will smash their enemies, they will control the gates of their enemies.

    The Western white nations control every gate of every nation i.e on both sea and land. The West smashed, dashed every non-white empire, from the Zulu, Inca, Aztec, Cherokee, Maori, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, you name it, they smashed them.

    All the white nations have 2 things in common….

    1. They were Christian nations.
    2. They come from Saxon, Germanic, Celtic & kindred bloodlines.

    When true old testament laws go out the window, swapped out for liberal weak Christian false doctrine teachings in line with the new world order, the white male becomes a cuck, a sissy, turned into a women and cheered on. All the white his enemies are pumped up, armed, mind controlled to kill him in the end.

    Wake up, the white male of the old Christian era kicked ass. The Spaniards wiped out entire nations in South America, The germans wiped out entire heathen nations, the saxons wiped out other nations and then unfortunatly they broke Gods laws, by waring among themselves. Israelites were never to war among themselves, they were told to love one another.

    The love they neighbor as taught by most Christians is incorrect and not even a new testament law, it goes back to the old testament and the only neighbor in the old testament living in a camp when Moses told them this, were the Israelites.

    The laws, levitical + old testament laws are ONLY applicable to true Israel – ie. Dont kill another Israelite, if it applied to other races/nations, then Joshua would have broken Gods laws by wiping out the Moabites etc etc.

    With those laws, the white man kicked ass, without those laws with wishy washy weak limp dick snot nosed, faggot assed Pastors teaching this new age Christian crap, the white man is being pissed on, shat on, laughed at.


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