Pic: To hell with the Jews, Blacks, Liberals, feminists, faggots, Antifa & BLM: This is the REAL FLAG OF THE USA! – My Comments


[My American friends were sending this around saying this is the real flag of the USA! And if Jews, Antifa, BLM and Blacks don’t like it then er… well, fck ’em!!! If you don’t like the Confederate flag, then go and fck yourself. That’s a WHITE MAN’S FLAG! I salute General Robert E. Lee! I’ve never done a video about him, but I know quite a few things about him and I admire that man! He’s a man any American can be proud of. He worked in the TRUE EUROPEAN tradition. A truly honorable man, and a man of fantastic ability. Though I am aware of some of the other truly clever American civil war commanders. These are topics for another day! For now RACE WAR is my highest priority. Everyone has to get on board with regard to: How do we whites fight RACE WARS and DEFEAT EVERYONE, no matter how outnumbered we are! Of course its doable. We’re the European Race for goodness sakes!! Jan]

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