White Nations are naturally UNSTABLE – This is great news…


Something I need to address, and if I forget, then people need to remind me in the coming months, is the natural instability of white nations. Asian nations seem to me to be more stable than other nations. Black nations are themselves unstable, but in a different way.

However, White nations are naturally unstable in a positive way.

Whites are mutating and changing, and I think that all the nonsense of the utterly stupid year of 2020 will also propel whites forward into newer levels of instability and change … WHICH WE NEED.

I also think that the current madness, along with new madness yet to come will throw our entire race into ever more inner turmoil, and this is going to be EXCELLENT!!!!!

We need turmoil and CHANGE … not play play change, but SERIOUS CHANGE, REAL CHANGE… DRIVEN BY OURSELVES!!

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