Pic: The Censorship Jew on Gab – The NAZI Catcher…


[The photo above is of the profile of the guy I’m calling The Censorship Jew. This, sadly, is what Gab has turned into overnight with Torba losing his balls. The Jews and Liberal dog shit came in and are boldly trying to ride rough-shod over whites and especially NAZIs. I was trying to find out what the hell was going on with the tens of thousands of people driven off Gab, when up pops this goofball calling himself The Catcher … the NAZI Catcher… and he informs me that ONLY Nazis are being banned.

Later when I asked him questions he lied and said he was apolitical. Duh! How can you be apolitical when you’re only censoring NAZIs? Clearly the agenda is VERY POLITICAL!!! I noticed he was lying a lot. I have concluded this is probably a Jew. So I’m calling him The Censorship Jew, because that’s what he is. He is here to shut up the FREE SPEECH that the white Racialists/NAZIs have every right to practise. What gives him and the Jewish/Liberal scum the right to come and tell us what is acceptable to them? Any interference with our FREE SPEECH is CENSORSHIP.

For the record I told The Censorship Jew that he’s probably a coward working for someone rich.

I later told The Censorship Jew that we have a surprise coming … with regard to all the people driven off Gab. Below is a screen shot of my first interaction with the Censorship Jew. I noticed some people on Gab still have balls and one said he is a racist and a NAZI and he’s not going to stand back for this clown. Nice!  Jan]


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