Pic: Meme: Jewish Quote from the Jew Chaim Weizmann: Jews are a race … This is why they are an ENEMY of Whites

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Video: The Great Jewish Mask: Part 1 The Jewish ass in the Lions Skin
This is part 1 of the 6 part series I did on The Great Jewish Mask.

[Here is a quote from a Jew about Jews. This reflects EXACTLY what Hitler said. These people are a global international race of wanderers. They know no nation and have respect for nobody. They are an enemy within. They do not, under any conditions, belong among our race. They will always be traitors and enemies. Jan]

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Video: WRH002: 2,200 Years ago: How Red Haired Whites (Celts) discovered New Zealand
This is the story of the whites who did not go to Europe. This is the branch of Whites who went to Persia (modern day Iran) and India. What happened to some of these whites? This is the bizarre story of how they got to South America; Easter Island and finally, New Zealand.

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