Pic: Canada: Jewish/Liberal: Screeching & howling because Paul Fromm was with a Presidential Candidate


[I laughed. Just because Paul Fromm was with the leader of a Political Party, and a future Presidential candidate, there was much gnashing of teeth. They don’t want white “racists” to actually act normal and to be doing their own thing. The best way to stick it to the Jews and Liberals is to be oneself … and to do things as if they don’t exist. We need to stop being guilty about anything we do. In my view, the real answer is … be as racist as possible and don’t back down for it. Who the hell are these scum to tell us how to think and behave? It is they who do not belong in civilisation actually. Jan]

Support the People’s Party of Canada – Real Immigration Reform at Last – Paul Fromm

Paul Fromm attended at rally for Maxime Bernier who is running for Prime Minister of Canada. A photo was taken of Paul with Maxime and a furor broke out because of that. Here Paul talks with Brian Ruhe about it. Paul is Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee at:



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