Photos: British Doctor States that Corpses at Bergen-Belsen Did not Die in Gas Chambers Because There Were No Gas Chambers

[The photos are excellent and most important. Jan]

It is easier to believe a lie one has heard a hundred times than a truth one has never heard before.” — Robert S. Lynd, American sociologist, The Passion of Labour (pg. 67)

Most of us have seen the naked, decaying corpses in photographs and film, piles of them everywhere being thrown or bulldozed into pits or laying in the open waiting to be disposed of. When these images are combined with the voice of the narrator in a documentary film, there seems to be no question as to how these people died; they were murdered in gas chambers or by other means at the hands of the brutal Nazis.

These images, burned into our minds after nearly 70 years of schooling, books, documentary and Hollywood films, along with the often present violin music, pose what may be the greatest barrier toward critical thinking one may face regarding the alleged holocaust of World War II. We all saw the bodies! How can anyone have the audacity to question the fact that the Nazis sent six million Jews to their deaths after witnessing these atrocities with our own eyes?

Here is what Dr. Russell Barton, who was one of the first British medics to arrive at Bergen-Belsen, has to say regarding the piles of bodies and general conditions in the camp:

The article has excellent photos and videos. You can continue reading here:

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