Photo: Well done White America! We knew you could do it: Kyle Rittenhouse – SUPER HERO!

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[Look at this young white boy, and the amazing stuff he did. I have constantly been telling you white Americans YOU CAN DO THIS EASILY, and here is another youngster, in this case, Kyle Rittenhouse, 17 years old … proving how it can be done! See! YOU CAN DO IT! The reason your Police, Govt, Army, National Guard are NOT DOING IT … is BECAUSE THE TOP IS CONTROLLED. You are being MANIPULATED INTO DEFEAT UNNATURALLY by the Rats and Commies at the TOP. If your Police, Army, National Guard were unleashed, you'd clean your entire county up in less than a week. And Kyle, is proof of what is possible. I have said many times to all of you YOU CANNOT LOSE AMERICA. It's impossible for them to defeat you all. Its IMPOSSIBLE TO LOSE … unless… the ENEMY is controlling you. But common white Americans CAN take all of America back. The same is true for Europe. It is impossible for the whites to lose Europe if they gather and take the continent back by force. Below is a photo of the great hero Kyle Rittenhouse. And I want to share a few of the comments I saw on another website about Kyle. But you see what happens when YOUR ENEMY IS NOT CONTROLLING YOUR ACTIONS AND PULLING YOUR STRINGS? WHITE VICTORY … smells sweet! The real crime now, is this young guy ending up in jail like Dylann Roof. This is very wrong. Jan]

Here are some comments from other Americans below the story of Kyle. Lovely comments:


So the kid with the AR did more effective police work in 3 minutes than the NYPD does in a fucking year.

They should pin a medal on him and give him a salary with benefits.


The more I watch the video, the more I feel confident that just 10 to 20 Kyle Rittenhouses, aka the Kenosha Kid, would be enough to wipe out every Antifa/BLM fag toy on the planet. One dipshit stands there with "hands up, don’t shoot," after KK blasts two of his commie agitator buds. Why? Because the dipshit assumes the fed-up citizenry will act like cops and respect a surrender? Much like his two commie agitator buds thought when they literally chased someone holding an AR15 through the streets and pounced on him. They apparently thought he wouldn’t shoot them (because their Soros Sith Lords teach them in Commie Class that patriots are weak?), even though they watched KK shoot some 5’3" pedophile two minutes earlier. The Kenosha Kid was stupid and manic, but at least his heart was in the right place. Still, he was able to put down 3 scumbag terrorists in 2 minutes, and came out without a scratch. He has a LOT of potential in a Renewed America!


Kyle makes America great again, one trigger pull at a time.


Kyle did the work police and liberal judges wouldn’t do. He took these bad hombres off the street for good. And now their past victims can sleep a little more soundly.


Tis staggering to contemplate the good this young man did for society.

How many crimes avenged? How many more prevented both from those he shot and the kids they will now never have.

My heart and thanks goes out to him.


Thank you, Kyle Rittenhouse. You are a brave man and you have done well.


Marxist honkeys got ventilated.


Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero. totally justified.


Oh yes, the "hero" is actually a fucking PEDOPHILE. What a shock. Got that CNN? The fucker you are saying was a "hero" LIKES TO FUCK LITTLE GIRLS.

Rot in pieces, Rosenbaum. You antifags aren’t so tough when people fight back.


hmmm we know that one is a "da joo" (Duh duh DUUUUUHHHHH!!!!!) but they didnt feel the need to mention the race of the other two. wonder why?


Watch the 1st Antifa anarchist chase Kyle, throwing something at him as he attacked, behind some cars before Kyle shot him in the head in self defense. No reasonable jury can call this murder.

There are many more excellent comments:

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