Photo: Real History: Two Jewish men get married… one is a governor…

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In 2017, in this article I pointed out how much nonsense is being written in the White Right about Putin being some kind of saviour of the White Race. I pointed out his links to Jews. Putin is a Jew-friendly Russian ruler. Since then I‘ve discovered even more data to support this.

[This is what the Real History channel published about this normalisation of what would have been called deviancy in prior times in our civilisation. Jan]

Oh isn’t that special!

After 18 years and two adopted children together, Jared Polis — the sodomite Governor of Californiacated Colorado who “recovered from Covid” — just “married” Marlon Reis, his butt buddy — who also recovered from “Covid” — in a “traditional” Jewish ceremony — officiated by a female Rabbinette — in which Reis was walked down the aisle and “given away” by his father — and in which all guests were required to test negative for “Covid” — as both the groom & groom wore “vegan” suits — and with the marriage certificate “signed” by their little dog’s paw print. Cheese and crackers! How many things can one spot wrong in this well-publicized Marxist “mishigas” (Yiddish for craziness).

But of course, the libtarded abomination is presented as all so “normal” by the culture-wrecking greaseballs of the “paper of record.” From the article:

“Mr. Polis and Mr. Reis ended up meeting at Boulder Book Store in September 2003. First came a browse through the sci-fi section, then came dinner.

Mr. Reis, a writer whose focus is animal welfare and L.G.B.T.Q. rights, was in his last year of college at the University of Colorado. Mr. Polis was an entrepreneur with political aspirations. At the bookstore, “we just really hit it off,” Mr. Polis said.

On Sept. 15, the anniversary of their first date at the Boulder Book Store, Mr. Polis and Mr. Reis were married at the Mary Rippon Outdoor Theater at the University of Colorado in Boulder by Rabbi Tirzah Firestone.”
Oy frickin’ vey!


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