Photo: New UK PM Liz Truss and one of her Jewish donors!

[This is one of the Jews who donated to her. It seems he was on the Jewish Board of Deputies in the UK. So he's a high ranking Jew. Note the Jew is suggesting/implying that the WEST and China are "in a war against Islam". There is a Jewish rat putting thoughts into our brains. No! Whites are not at war with Islam. But Jews would like us to be at war with Islam. That's what the Jewish/MOSSAD 911 scam was all about! Jan]

Liz Truss leadership campaign received £10k donation from communal group chief Mond

NJA leader Gary Mond and pro-Brexit salmon smoker Lance Forman are among the communal figures listed on parliament’s register of interests as donating to new Prime Minister Liz Truss’s leadership campaign

September 8, 2022, 3:13 pm

The Liz Truss leadership campaign was given a £10,000 donation by the controversial communal figure Gary Mond, the newly published MPs register of interests has confirmed.

Mond, who quit his role on the Board of Deputies earlier this year ahead of an investigation into historic posts about Islam, was joined by former Brexit Party MEP Lance Forman, who also donated £10,000 to the new Prime Minister’s campaign, using the name “Smoked Salmon”.

Both communal figures were amongst the list of names donating a total of £424,349 to the successful Truss campaign.

Fitriani Hay, the wife of horse-racing figure James Hay, gave a £100,000 donation to the Truss campaign which was the biggest individual donation to her campaign.

Former Jewish Leadership Council chief Sir Mick Davis is revealed to have donated £25,000 to rival Rishi Sunak’s unsuccessful campaign which raised £449,570 in total.

Mond, who set up the National Jewish Assembly after quittong the Board in April, has been open in his support of Truss, posting a photo of himself with the new PM taken at Conservative Friends of Israel leadership event last month.

Mond’s resignation as an honorary officer from the Board came just one day after Jewish News published historic social media posts that appeared to have been posted by Mond – including an apparent show of support for Pamela Geller, an American far-right anti-Islam activist banned from entering the UK.

New evidence appeared to show Mond had “liked” two posts made by Geller in 2017, during his six year long stint sitting on the Board’s Defence Division – including one accusing France was “finished” after voters picked current President Emmanuel Macron over far-right challenger Marine Le Pen.

In another he appeared to suggest the West, along with Israel and China “is at war with Islam.”


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