Photo: EXCELLENT NEWS: Jew Mayor of Anchorage Alaska resigned because of pedo scandal – My Comments


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2006: S.Africa: Shocker: 300,000 died from AIDS last year
Blacks in Africa hate talking about AIDS and they hide it. This was a good news report I managed to find years ago. Nowadays, you don‘t see anything like this being published.

[This is just in from a long time supporter in Alaska. The Jew got caught out. He's replaced by a Mexican faggot … but its better that the Jewish shitbag go. Much better. One Jew down … millions to go!!! The Jew said he is "deeply sorry" … YAWN … he's only sorry that he got caught and lost his position. Otherwise they are never sorry for lying, nor stealing. Jan]

Our little jew mayor got involved in a sexting pedo scandal and had to resign. The jew mayor of Anchorage Alaska is no more. Unfortunately he gets replaced by a faggot Mexican. Ethan Berkowitz has resigned. Cheers.

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Die Boere Staat Party
Van Jan: Dit is die ENIGSTE politieke party in Suid-Afrika wat ek sal ondersteun. Ek het hul leier ontmoet en ken hul geskiedenis. *ALLE* ander Politieke Partye in SA is ‘n totale mors van tyd vir Blankes. Hierdie politieke party gee om vir Blankes. Hulle s: Ons veg vir ons Volk se Vryheid en Veilige voortbestaan in die nuwe Suid-Afrika!

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