Photo: Canada is worse than Russia: Tamara Lich’s Lawyer at the Rouleau Inquiry Says Her Bail Conditions Are More Severe Than In Putins’ Russia

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[Jewish Bolshevism under the rat scum Trudeau in Canada is worse than in former Jewish Communist countries. Jewish ZOG countries are tossing Whites in jail like crazy. Jewish Communism has transformed into being Jewish Liberalism. Paul Fromm sent me this. Jan]

The vindictive Ottawa Crown’s seem determined to keep a gentle, non-violent grandmother, Tamara Lich, who was one of the organizers of the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy in jail. On June 28, she was arrested at her home in Medicine Hat and transported to Ottawa for a breach of her bail conditions — an extraordinary police response even with violent offenders and she is not. She had appeared in a photo for a couple of seconds at a public meeting with one of the other organizers of the convoy she was not supposed to associate with. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms reports that on July 24 she was freed: " Ms. Lich spent 49 days in jail, despite having no criminal history or record, on mischief-related charges that do not involve violence. Justice Goodman released Ms. Lich on the existing amount of $37,000 in bond without deposit. The Judge noted, “The likelihood to reoffend and the risk to the community remains low. While on release, there has been strict compliance with the conditions save for the picture with Mr. Marazzo, and there is a very live question about whether there was a breach at all. … Ms. Lich is not charged with sedition or inciting a riot,” noted Justice Goodman. “While the protests were of national import… the charges here relate to minor offences in the criminal code. I find it highly unlikely this 49-year-old woman with no criminal record… would spend any more time in jail.” That’s all well and good but she remains under ruthless conditions meant to gag her and silence her. Through counsel she is participating in the Rouleau inquiry into the government’s invocation of the police state Emergencies Act, meant to crush the truckers’ protest. Her counsel Edmonton lawyer Keith Wilson told Rebel News (October 14, 2022): Her "bail conditions are worse than the conditions, the free speech conditions that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin has put on [Alexei] Navalny, his chief critic. You could interview him in his jail cell in Russia, but you cannot interview, in Trudeau’s Canada, Tamara Lich about the circumstances of her protest!"

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