Paypal has whacked Hatreon!


I discovered today that the enemy has been busy. Hatreon had allowed people to pledge monies using Paypal. Today I discovered that Paypal has hit Hatreon and Hatreon is no longer able to process payments through Paypal.

It shows you that we whites will be dogged every inch of the way.

So those of you who pledged to me via Hatreon and were using Paypal through Hatreon – that’s now dead. Of my $80 in pledges I’m now down to $20 as a result of this.

But, go to my donations link and choose an option. I’ve added new options, or send me a message via the Contact us page. We can still make a plan. Just get in touch with me.

NB: Google Adsense whacked one of my old websites. My Drudge Report Archives website was removed from GoogleAdsense permanently today. That is the 3rd website where Google Adsense has nailed me. (One of them deserved it I agree, but the other 2, like Drudge Report Archives, did not).

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