Parallel’s between Napoleon’s France and Hitler’s Germany and the Evil Jewish Island of Britain

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Napoleon never started a war. The original war, the French Revolution happened and he was not involved at all. His first action was to drive the British out of Toulon which was a French Port, occupied by British ships and troops! The British controlled a French port! So who’s the aggressor there? Definitely not the French. And that was the start of Napoleon’s career.

If you look at Napoleon, you’ll see similarities to the Germans and Hitler. Napoleon made peace offers. Napoleon negotiated. In the case of France and Napoleon, the French, to their credit, defeated the "Allies" several times. The "Allies" were called Coalitions back then. But Britain formed endless coalitions against France. I could be wrong but it could be as many as 6 British created coalitions were formed against the French.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Russia, like in WW2, also fought the French and were an aggressor.

Basically, the French had Britain, and Russia, both working against them, and the French, like the Germans, at a point wanted to knock out the distant enemies that they couldn’t lay their hands on. Both France and Germany considered invading Britain. In Napoleon’s case he was DEAD SERIOUS and ready to roll. But then his navy failed him. Hitler, in his case, knew that Germany just did not have the navy and resources to match the Royal Navy. So his best move was U-boats.

But in the case of France and Germany they faced Russia. Now in the case of France, the first Russian army that was sent in to fight the French occured in 1805 at the time that he wanted to knock Britain out. The Russian army entered Austria. The plan was for Austria and Russia to knock out France. Napoleon clobbered the hell out of them in his most awesome campaign of Austerlitz. It was the finest campaign he ever fought.

Napoleon only headed to Austria because the Russian and Austrian armies were already on the move. Napoleon just managed, with great speed, to knock out his first Austrian army before it linked up with the Russians. It was a close run thing.

And if you look at all other instances, in each case, the ceaseless British-Jewish troublemaker was there. When Napoleon smashed one coalition, Britain would be back with the next one. And Russia was also an enemy. Yet, Napoleon tried very hard to make friends. The Tsar at one point was his big buddy. He went to great lengths to make friends.

When you really study history, you’ll see that like Hitler, Napoleon made peace. He signed peace treaties. He tried to reach agreements so that the wars could stop. But always, the big f*cking trouble maker, those British, always causing new wars on European soil.

In the end, he tried to clobber the Russians as a means of bringing it all to an end. In Hitler’s case, he faced imminent invasion from Russia.

The whole notion that Hitler is evil and Napoleon is evil – that’s pure crap upon closer scrutiny. If you want to know who is EVIL, it’s Britain. I’m not joking. It’s sitting there in the freaking history books. EVERY coalition formed against Napoleon was formed by Britain.

Napoleon’s private secretary, refers to the British Prime Minister Pitt as a very evil man. He said there was a better Brit, by the name of Fox I think. Fox did not want war, but Pitt was constantly behind all the evil events. I think I am spelling their names correctly.

The more I study history, the more I see the parallels between Napoleon’s France and Hitler’s Germany even though they are 140 years apart. The similarities are amazing. And both of them faced the spiteful little Jewish Island called Britain I tell you.

Initially, when I studied Napoleon, I only did so because I wanted to study his battles and methods of war. I did not care a fig about his politics. But with time and with familiarity with the topic, I began to realize how evil the British are.

There is much more I can say. The British tried to have Napoleon murdered earlier in his career.

I tell you, I regard Britain as the most evil country in Europe. And I never had a chip on my shoulder against Britain. But studying history, all kinds of history, has made me realize what an evil little island that is. It caused so much needless bloodshed on European soil and even in Africa, it is the most anti-White power out there. Britain, truly, is the most evil country in the Western world. I am certain it’s the Jewish stuff within. I now understand and concur with why Europeans HATE Britain. Europeans are right.

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