Pagan never existed: “Pagan” might be the original “Racism” – A Christian Propaganda invention

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Just one thing I must say about Christianity, is that the term "Pagan" never existed before Christianity.

The Romans and Greeks and other ancient Whites NEVER referred to themselves as Pagans.

There was no such word. Pagan was a type of curse word, or evil word invented by the Christians to demonise all the religions before Christianity. So Christians began talking about Pagans and Pagans were seen as the evil who needed to be destroyed.

Pagan was perhaps the original Christian propaganda word. Sort of like the Jew Communist who invented the word Racist. Pagan became a kind of word meaning evil in the same way that Racist or NAZI is now "evil".

But the Romans and others never knew the word, never heard the word, nor did they have a term for all their religions. The Romans were actually very religiously tolerant. At one time there were over 160 religions in Rome.

Pagan is a Christian propaganda invention to demonise all the religions that came before.

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