Occidental Observer rocks!!! – Whites – JUST BE YOURSELVES!


I must say I’m so impressed with many of the articles that come out of the Occidental Observer website. Really good thinking stuff. The quality of our movement is definitely improving in leaps and bounds.

And it’s really great to see serious intellectual thinking coming out of our side.

Of course, there has been utterly brilliant thinking coming from the RADICAL NAZIS since the brave Rockwell. But they have been so sidelined that just being able to function is so difficult.

The best advice I can give to Whites is: BE YOURSELF. Stop crawling and grovelling like a dog. Try as much to SPEAK YOUR OWN MIND. BE YOURSELF. In the end, this will work for all of us.

We need a tsunami of Whites just speaking their minds everywhere and not taking "NO" for an answer. You may be shocked and surprised and delighted where this will lead to.


SILENCE = DEATH …. I’m not kidding.

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