Nordic Resistance Movement: The only White organisation that stands up to Jews since Rockwell

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Zimbabwe: Cops hunting for a Black man who had sex with his neighbours Donkey!
If you think we whites have problems, you have no idea what the blacks get up to. Some years ago I came across stories of blacks in Soweto, South Africa having sex with dogs. In this story, Police in Zimbabwe are looking for a Gutu man who was caught having sex with his neighbour‘s donkey.

This is a comment from one of my readers:

These are the ONLY whites who are doing anything active in the jews face. All other whites are "keyboard warriors" the jews laugh at. Unfortunately Lincoln Rockwell was the last white man the jew was actually afraid of.

You can send Nordic Resistance Movement Bitcoin support at their wallet:


Try to send NRM some funds monthly since they are the ONLY whites left with the cajones to take on the jew parasites in their lair.

A good plan for whites to help those in the front line is to try to send them 1 dollar per day, $30 per month or whatever you can afford. Send Cash or Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Give them the funds to operate.

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Wie is ons? Boere of Afrikaners? Antwoord van Dr Mike Du Toit
Ek het iemand gehad wat aan my geskryf het oor die onderwerp van Boere teenoor Afrikaners. Ek het besluit om Dr. Mike Du Toit te nader, wat die leier van die Boeremag was en ‘n professionele akademikus is wat baie goed ingelig is oor ons geskiedenis, om hierdie vraag te beantwoord. Dr. Du Toit weet nie net van ons geskiedenis in Suid-Afrika nie, maar ook van ons geskiedenis in Europa. Hier is sy antwoord.

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