Non-Whites are leaving South Africa. Will Jews & Blacks become hordes of Nomads?


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This is from a short post I did on the social media. I will be adding more thoughts.

This could be excellent for us whites. It might be that in the 21st and 22nd centuries that really old trends that we never imagined could come back.

Two possible trends are: Jews & Blacks as nomads …But Blacks could be massive groups of nomads, numbering in the millions.

I’m still not sure what will happen to Israel. I have even wondered if the Jews would dump Israel in the end. But i’m not that sure. I think Israel also gives Jewry their “get out of jail free” location.

This is what I wrote on the social media:
If blacks wanted their own countries so much in africa … where the drum beat was “nationalism, nationalism” (which nowadays is denied to whites), then why are blacks fleeing African countries to go overseas? Here in SA, my non-white neighbours left recently to head to singapore … in my neighbourhood at least half the houses are still white. We have very few blacks. The majority non-whites are muslims with a lot of money. But the non-whites are starting to leave in much bigger numbers. They cannot stay in one place. I think, like Jews, blacks might become big numbers of nomadic peoples. We whites just drive our roots into the ground and stay.

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