Nigel Farage of UKIP is an anti-White, Jew-endorsed Cuck


[I saw a quote from Nigel Farage where he said he can’t believe he’s seeing NAZI salutes in 21st century America. I don’t have much time for Nigel Farage, nor UKIP. In various videos I’ve mentioned that UKIP is a Jew-censored version of the BNP. The Jews have essentially stolen the BNP’s lines and ensured that it is all Jew-friendly, and that’s now UKIP.

In South Africa the Jews did the same with the DA (Democratic Alliance). They control the DA and they stole the lines of the ANC (African National Congress) – blacks who are commies. The DA is now “ANC Lite” – basically echoing the same phrases.

So Nigel doesn’t like NAZI salutes. Moron. He’d better learn to be pro-white. Every white on the planet should be doing NAZI (Roman Army) salutes actually. These Brits who are in with the Jews need to begin waking up to white history and white values. As far as I’m concerned, Nigel is a Jew-endorsed cuck and nothing more. Jan]

White American doing a NAZI (Roman Army) salute in Charlottesville

You can read more about Nigel’s stupid tweet here:

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