How my Jewish friend in Jerusalem lied to be about the Spanish & the Jesuits…


[I've been digging through a lot of my old archives and there are many fascinating things hidden therein from my AfricanCrisis days and my days before I woke up to the Jewish issue. Here is an email from my Jewish pal in Jerusalem whom I considered my 2nd best Jewish buddy. Look at how this bastard is lying about the Spanish and the inquisition. I need to publish more emails from this set of discussions, then you'll see what a lying piece of shit he was. 

See below how this lying piece of Jewish shit wrote to me that the Spanish inquisition killed 2 million Jews … and most likely MORE!!!! 
Well, I subsequently discovered, once I was Jew-wise that:-
a) The total number of Jews in Spain was only 300,000. (So just like in Germany, there weren't that many you could kill!). 
b) Historians have actually studied the Spanish inquisition thoroughly in recent decades and they found … wait for it .. that the grand number of people actually executed were … 40! 
Yes, only 40. 
The Jew is talking his shit about 2 million. Same old BS as with the Germans. A race of BOLD LIARS. 
I have by no means actually gone through all the emails I have. I have plenty. But even in this conversation, you should see how this Jew was constantly blaming the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic church for everything. He was constantly deflecting towards JESUITS. And that makes me think that Jesuits might not always be that bad. Dr Goebbels himself was schooled as a Jesuit. Jan]

Here’s the email:-

From: Yonatan
Sent: 15 July 2008 11:14 PM
To: Jan
Subject: Re: FW: Attention: Dr Cummings

EXACTLY… It’s called the “INQUISITION”… that’s what the thirty years war was
all about… Do you know about how the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492?
The Spanish Inquisition… do you know how many Jews were murdered and
plundered and cast into exile? That’s just ONE example from Jewish history…
at least two million… I think it was actually more killed….

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 12:01 AM, Jan wrote:
Interestingly, at the moment, I’m reading an 800 page book about the Thirty Years war between Protestants and Catholics in Germany.

The cruelty of the Imperialists (Catholics), is as bad as that of Mugabe actually. I’m reading this book in utter fascination.

The similarity in tactics, and even worse, to the commies is quite stunning. They are ruthless people.

I’ve not studied the catholics enough, but this has been opening my eyes – it includes arson, theft and raping of women.

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