Germany’s most dangerous Philosopher: Nietzsche’s Jewish Problem

[Here is an absolutely excellent article on Nietzsche and the Jews.

I find it fascinating that Nietzsche also equates Socrates with Jewish values/thought. I see Socrates in a very negative light and his influence on Athens was similarly as nation-destroying as the Jewish influence on white nations is.

NB: Take special note here of what Junemann said about Nietzsche. Note Nietzsche’s statement about the Jews being the bearers of culture and values. This is an important topic we will revisit in the future:

Jünemann represented Nietzsche’s philosophical trajectory as a “steady decline into insanity and Judeophilia.” Jünemann outlined “a promising beginning when [Nietzsche] engaged productively with Richard Wagner and Arthur Schopenauer, [but] he strayed from the nationalist and anti-Semitic path in his aphoristic period and descended into irrational argumentation and pandering to Jewish interests in his last writings.” Jünemann attacked Nietzsche for arguing that Jews “are the true bearers of culture and the creator of values,” and raised suspicion over the fact Nietzsche’s fame and financial fortunes improved significantly following his public repudiation of Wagner. Faced with a philosophy that amounted to a “Jewish junk shop” of ideas, the German public would have to decide whether Nietzsche was a master psychologist and Nature a “comedian,” or rather that Nature was true and honest and Nietzsche was “spiritually and morally defective.” Jünemann was clear in his opinion that Nietzsche had no place in the movement.


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