In Ireland, Germany, And Japan Locals Fight Back Against Immigrant Crime


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In Ireland, Germany, And Japan Locals Fight Back Against Immigrant Crime

Ireland, and Europe generally, are suffering an outrageous and preventable wave of murder, rapine, and robbery by immigrants, legal and illegal. Sadly, there are those, including the current Japanese Prime Minister, who want to do to Japan what is happening in Europe and the United States.

The Irish, the Germans, and the Japanese are being forced the invasion of criminal aliens to fight immigration and immigrant-led crime through vigilantism, as if it were San Francisco in 1851 overrun by crime.

Sadly, Japan is going to be experiencing a crime wave similar to what is happening in Europe, led by Muslim and black criminals, because a small minority of the Japanese elite want to remake Japan. This includes the current Prime Minister, Kishida Fumio, below, of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), but the invasion started under the liberal Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ).

The Lying Press in Japan is cheerleading, minimizing the costs of immigration, only telling the story of the joys of diversity. Their lies are so flagrant that now the Lügenpresse is telling the Japanese and the world that Japan is a nation of immigrants. A nation that is now 97.3 percent Japanese, sadly down from 98 percent just a year ago.

Attacks on Kurds rose prominently in spring 2023, with the spread of social media posts demanding they “get out” and calling them “fake refugees.” This coincided with discussions in the Diet on amendments to Japan’s immigration law aimed at thoroughly enforcing the deportation of undocumented foreigners. Meanwhile, many Kurds who had not won recognition as refugees were being given temporary release from immigration detention centers.

Spurred by disputes among Kurds, the bashing intensified, and soon members of the Kurdish community were being bombarded with abusive phone calls and facing xenophobia-fueled demonstrations. However, discrimination remains unjustifiable, regardless of the pretext.

Editorial: It’s Time The Gov’t Said It Loud And Clear: Japan Is Now An Immigrant Nation, Mainichi, May 7, 2024

And the cost of these unruly immigrants, legal and illegal, are to be borne by the Japanese, with the gaijin taking no responsibility to acculturate.

The Oizumi town government has put real effort into smoothing the way for foreigners in the community, such as hiring multilingual staff, publishing newsletters in Portuguese and other languages, providing Japanese language classes in all public primary and junior high schools, and supporting local private Japanese language schools. Moreover, the town has set up “cultural interpretation” programs aiming to introduce Japanese culture and manners, and encouraging participants to pass on the lessons to their family and friends.

One would think that the Kurds would have the courtesy to leave their conflict with Turks and among their own clans at home, but the Mountain Turks bring their conflicts with them.

What was once a harmonious and functioning society is slowly being destroyed by the traitor Kishida. Compare the rioting Kurds with what amounts to crime committed by the Japanese.

Apparently a theme train, a unique Japanese cultural expression, had some Detective Conan, a famous anime series, headrest covers stolen.

Chizu Express has announced its intention to file a police report concerning the theft of pillow covers from the ‘Detective Conan Super Hakuto’.

The company has stated that those who return the stolen pillow covers will not be targeted in the report and has requested for the items to be returned via mail.

The ‘Detective Conan Super Hakuto’ is an express train connecting the Keihanshin area and Kurayoshi in approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. It commenced operations on December 3, 2023. The train is themed after ‘Detective Conan’, whose creator, Gosho Aoyama, hails from Tottori Prefecture. As such, streets, stations, and airports named after ‘Detective Conan’ elements have been established.

Chizu Express Files Police Report for Theft of ‘Detective Conan Super Hakuto’ Pillow Covers,Traicy, April 24, 2024

You can bet that some of the thieves, more likely otakus than Kurds, will turn themselves in out of shame and embarrassment. Though, thinking about it, I can see an organized group of Kurds stealing these headrest covers deliberately to sell more than I see this many Japanese stealing so many of anything.

This has never happened before on any other themed train, so I will blame the Mountain Turks until I see evidence otherwise. Or perhaps it was other gaijin than Kurds; they as a group are not into anime. Could be blacks like Johnny Somali or other annoying gaijin.

But the stereotype is true: foreigners like Kurds, are only a problem and cost to the Japanese. They have so little self-awareness, they must be trained and disciplined at great cost by the Japanese taxpayer.

But the war is on against homogeneous societies, whether it be Ireland or Japan. The Kurds seem to think that it is the Japanese that must adjust to those who are doing the Great Replacement Japan.

Some Japanese are waking up though. The fight is on!

A couple of years ago, Ayako Lawrence had absolutely no interest in politics. But this month she stood in the election for the upper house of Japan’s Diet as the candidate for Sanseito, a new and rapidly expanding political party that shocked analysts by grabbing a remarkable 1.76 million votes and its first seat in parliament.

Those same observers were particularly taken aback that Sanseito’s policy platforms—extremely conservative, anti-globalist, anti-immigration, in favour of a complete rewrite of the constitution and sharply increased defence spending—found such a firm following with the electorate, especially younger voters.

The party’s policies have drawn parallels with those of the “America First” campaign laid out by Donald Trump in the run-up to the 2016 US elections.

What’s Behind The Rise Of Japan’s Sanseito, A Far-Right Party That Loves Trump And Hates Immigration?, by Julian Ryall, South China Morning Post, July 25, 2022

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