New Zealand: The Encyclopedia of Treason: High Treason and JACINDA ARDERN: Guilty of Treason, Crimes against Humanity – including Genocide

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[This is a horrific woman. What she has done to the Whites of New Zealand. I'm so glad she's gone. There is a LOT of data at the link below. I'll publish a bit of it but then I suggest you go to the source link. There is a TON of stuff about this filthy communist woman. Jan]

Jacinda Ardern – Guilty of Treason,

Crimes against Humanity – including Genocide

24th October 2021

Prime Minister (sic) Jacinda Ardern is blatantly denying New Zealanders their natural Human Rights (as instructed by the World Economic Forum), and is in contravention / flagrant disregard of the following laws:
Bible Based Common Law
Natural Law / Moral Law
Magna Carta
Bill of Rights
Emergency Use Act
Employment Law
United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Consent violation

Betrays her position as Prime Minister (graduate of World Economic Forum) by teaching and urging Sedition / Treason by promulgating her own pet project (Klaus Schwab’s WEF Agenda 2030) via Wilful Deception, instead of serving the people of New Zealand;

Willingly and Knowingly Conspired to commit Democide via Facilitating National Genocide.

The wheel of justice maybe turning slowly, but it is still turning…

Accordingly, Jacinda Ardern is blatantly guilty of sedition and treason for being an enemy combatant to ALL New Zealanders. Additionally, anyone knowingly supporting Jacinda Ardern’s criminal activities will be judged respectively – for being complicit in crimes against humanity.

Know Your Socialism

Jacinda Ardern is a notable member and alumni of Klaus Schwab’s elitist Satanic organisation: the Forum of Young Global Leaders, that aims to reduce the World population down to only 1/2 billion people via: war, famine and pestilence, aka The Great Reset.

Comrade Jacinda Ardern is blatantly disrespecting all ANZACs to such an extend, that according to her Socialist / Communist propaganda, we now owe megalomaniac tyrants such as: Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un etc an apology for fighting against their evil regimes!!

Well not on our watch woman!

Satanist Klaus Schwab aims to reduce the World population down to only 1/2 billion people via: war, famine and pestilence, aka The Great Reset.

Respect the Constitution

She nearly started crying when she spelled out her resignation.

Why is it so that the most merciless bastards are always the ones feeling most sorry for themselves? Quite disgusting.


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