New Zealand is bitten by Diversity in Auckland

[CBD seems to be a British type of term. We use it in South Africa and it means, Central Business District; which to Americans would be the Inner City. It seems there is some nasty stuff going on in Auckland, New Zealand. And they are so terribly Liberal. Jan]

Wellington MP Nicola Willis hit the news this week with her claim of feeling unsafe in Wellington’s CBD. I’ve heard this repeatedly in recent weeks. So what’s occurred to suddenly bring about this state of affairs? Nicola knows but being a typical kick for touch Nat’, wasn’t game to say for fear of the wearying racism charge.

What’s happened is this year the capital’s CBD has suddenly become an attractive destination for maori gangs. And why? Because the bloody unbelievably idiotic Welfare Department is putting them up at taxpayers expense in central city hotels. This is sheer madness.

This filth is now everywhere on our CBD streets, threatening pedestrians. I’ve heard numerous stories including incidents from my own staff.

For example, a prime central city hard working restaurant proprietor in one of our buildings witnessed one of these pieces of garbage, emerge from an adjacent Quest hotel, swagger drunkenly while shouting obscenities, then pick up one of her outside table’s chair and hurl it against a passing car. The driver wisely kept going.

Auckland’s central Queen Street has been unsafe after 8pm for some years now, thanks to a mob of about 20 maoris lurching drunkenly about and accosting anyone game enough to venture out.

Nowhere else in the world would this be tolerated.

Frankly, it produces a wonderful political opportunity for a Party game enough to take a hard line without fear of racism charges. The public, and I have absolutely no doubt the vast majority of maoridom, embarrassed by this appalling carry-on, would be with them 100%.

For starters, ban the new maori industry of degrading begging which not so long ago was illegal and is now today in some European nations.

Second; adopt policies that work, such as pay unemployment benefits for three months only, then accept no further applications for a year and keep building up the Police force and construct more prisons for no-hopers who have thrived as welfare bludgers.

The current soft-soaping approach is simply an incentive for low-lifes to continue their life-wasting practices. That’s their call but the rest of us should not have to endure it.

I say it again. No city CBDs in any western nation, and the majority of other countries for that matter, has unsafe environments to compare with Auckland and Wellington, and increasingly Christchurch.

It’s ludicrous, that for fear of racism charges we’re tolerating this.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches


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