New Documentary Portrays Jewish-Bolshevik Mass Murderers In Latvia As Victims Of ‘Nazi’ Liberators

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(Algemeiner) A new documentary film has been released that intentionally hides and downplays how Jews aided and abetted the ruthless Soviet invasion of Latvia in 1940 — directly leading to the torture and murder of tens of thousands of Christian Latvians — an act of betrayal that would have grave consequences for those same Jews when the German army subsequently liberated Latvia in 1941 from the Soviet butchers:

In one scene from the powerful and horrific documentary “Baltic Truth,” Riga Ghetto survivor Marger Vesterman plays the piano to the tune of a song created in the ghetto. He then recalls what the words were: “If you survive, no one has to remind you that you have responsibilities.”

The chilling documentary reminds us that it was not only Nazis who massacred Jews. In this case, Latvians and Lithuanians were all too eager to quench their thirst for Jewish blood, even if it meant shooting neighbors who they’d previously celebrated birthdays with.

The searing documentary is narrated and hosted by Israeli singer Dudu Fisher. Fisher explains that his mother, Miriam, was born in Riga in 1932, and that if much of his family hadn’t moved to Mandatory Palestine, he would have been “among the millions of unborn Jewish children.”

On July 4, 1941, Riga’s Great Choral Synagogue was burnt down. Jews at the time thought massacres against their brethren in Poland were only rumors.

Because Latvia had been occupied by Russia in 1940, when it was occupied by Germany in 1941, Jews hoped the fury would be against the Bolsheviks. In the film, George D. Schwab explains that his father gave flowers to the German Army and greeted them and asked what would happen to the Jews. His father was told not to worry, as the main goal was to fight the Bolsheviks. Days later, his father had his eyes gouged out, he was tortured and then executed.

In the town of Akniste, Jewish men had their noses and ears cut off before they were shot to death.

At different times, Fisher chants the “maleh” — a prayer to honor the dead — and it is difficult not to cry when he does so. Outrageously, a number of Latvian and Lithuanians responsible for massacres against Jews have had monuments built in their honor.

Fisher notes that Jews were told they would be relocated, but many were relocated to their graves. And in some cases, Jews had to dig their own graves.

As to why regular citizens would participate in such atrocities, three theories are advanced: they wanted to loot and improve their economic situation, they were influenced by the Nazi ideology of scapegoating Jews or supported it themselves, or they believed propaganda that the Jews were all communists who supported the Russian takeover.

Survivor Elly Lasar Gotz says that on October 29, 1941, Lithuanians, supervised by Nazis, killed 10,000 Jews. We learn that by one forest, 25,000 Jews were killed in two days. Adults were killed with one bullet to the head, but so as not to waste bullets, children were killed by having the rifle butt being smashed against their heads.

Before the war in Lithuania, there were 400,000 Jews. But after World War II, there were only hundreds.

Viewers will become more and more enraged as the film goes on, but that is the point. “Baltic Truth” is a documentary you must see, as a participant to fight against those who seek to erase historical facts. If your blood hasn’t fully boiled, it will when you see that a murderer of Jews has been romanticized in a play that receives applause. Los Angeles resident Grant Gochin also notes that there are monuments in Lithuania for Juozas Kristaponis, who murdered Jews in Belarus, including relatives of the late Israeli leader Shimon Peres.

Gochin says in the film that if Lithuania is permitted to rewrite its history — as it is trying to do — then anyone can.

If Jew-killers can have monuments in their honor in Lithuania, then “why not create a monument in Central Berlin for Adolf Hitler?” he asks rhetorically. “Why not build a monument in New York for Osama Bin Laden?”

Jews are experts at rewriting and monopolizing history — and they don’t appreciate the competition when others do it — and cast Jews as anything other than their “rightful status” as the World’s Ultimate Victims™.

For example, they leave out the fact that most of the Jews in Latvia were moved East safely behind the Soviet lines to protect them from the advancing German army — this was the primary cause of the huge population decline of Jews in not only Latvia, but in all of eastern Europe.

The average Jew today is clueless about the role that their recent ancestors played in the greatest genocide in world history — the Jewish-Bolshevik mass murder of 60 million Christians in Eastern Europe and Russia — that crime was intentionally and cynically covered up with the psy-op of the “Holocaust” blood libel against the German enemy.

If a Jew in Latvia under German occupation had his eyes gouged out and nose cut off, it was because the Jewish Soviet butchers had done exactly that to the Latvians — and this was nothing more than an eye for an eye, literally.

But Jewish historians completely leave out the Jewish role in their own “suffering” — and make it seem that the irrational “goyim” simply hate Jews for No Reason Whatsoever™ — and your average Jew actually believes this nonsense.

As we previously reported, Jews in Latvia actually have the chutzpah to demand reparations from the Latvians for fighting back and exacting revenge against the Jews who betrayed them to the Soviets.

The Jews who made this documentary want the blood of their Jewish audiences to “boil” and become “outraged” — but let’s see how “outraged” the Jews are who are willing to read Latvia: Year Of Horror 1940 and see actual photographs of the torture and mass murder carried out by their fellow Jews and their Soviet co-ethnics against the Latvians — the real victims here.

As British historian David Irving aptly pointed out, it was Jewish behavior that ultimately landed them in German concentration camps

If Jewish behavior is what caused the rise of National Socialism in Germany — and if it was Jewish behavior that landed them in concentration camps — and if it was Jewish behavior that caused their Latvian neighbors to turn on them — then Jews have no leg to stand on in claiming billions in ill-gotten reparations from every country in Europe — even nations on the Allied side, such as the Dutch and the Belgians.

That is why Jews cannot tolerate the truth — and why they demonize any historian who has the temerity to align history with the facts.


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