NAZIS hated Helen Keller – She was not Jewish, but she was a prominent Communist – WAS SHE A JEWISH BACKED MYTH?


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[This is an interesting discussion I had with a lady who told me that I was wrong in saying Helen Keller was Jewish. This was my mistake from functioning in a rush and not checking the video title carefully. The video being this one: Below is the discussion between myself and the lady. I think there is more to Helen Keller than meets the eye. Jan]

Dear Jan,
I used to live at the Perkins School for the Blind (where Helen Keller had lived long ago) helping adults who were at once legally blind and legally deaf. The five adults I worked with, all in their early 20s, would be taken in a minivan each day to a workplace where they helped make electronic parts. At home, they dressed and fed themselves and shared responsibilities for cleaning floors and dishes. They all spoke and held conversations, with the help of special audio devices. Some were brilliant thinkers, too.

Did they occasionally miss a spot of dirt on the floor when sweeping? Of course. But they did much more than I’d have expected they could do.

As an adult fully capable with reading braille, and with a father who was a prominent editor, Helen was very well-read and quite articulate when she gave public speeches, even though her pronunciation was a bit skewed. Remember, unlike most deaf adults, she was a fully hearing and fully seeing person for her first 19 months, so had some language and visual-reference background. Those whom she heard from birth would’ve likely had varied accents – southern, black, and some northern. So her attempt to reconstruct sound with her own voice would’ve resulted in somewhat unusual sounds.

With the braille, she truly did have a vast handle on history and current events. Many people gave her input, even from within her own family in the early years. Once at the Perkins School, and at her other schools – remember, Alexander Graham Bell, himself, was helping her! – she had a great many teachers. Annie Sullivan, initially Helen’s nanny/governess, was with her most of her life as something of a translator, and no doubt helped with those university exams, no doubt some provided in braille.

Helen also had a – shall we say – suitor, a journalist with The Boston Globe (the primary newspaper in Boston) who used to come and visit with her at the Perkins School. I note that you didn’t mention him. It’s likely that he, too, encouraged and helped her. Once she began giving speeches, the general public became fascinated with her, and yes, prominent people did visit, befriend, and engage her in travel and more.

I’d never before heard that Helen (the Greek name for "Greece"!) was Jewish, and all the sources I search show nothing indicating any Jewish ancestry. Her kin have British names. Are you deriving this from her mother’s family name, Adams? Helen became a Christian under Annie’s guidance, and later a Swedenborgian. There is no evidence I can find anywhere of any Jewish roots. She was a socialist by identification, but apparently without connection to Judaism.

Jan, would you like to provide the video to which you referred, so i can check it out?

My reply:

Hi xxx,

I have deleted the article I published. But I still have some questions. Is the surname Keller Jewish?

Now that could make sense. That Jews were somehow involved in her fame and used her for their propaganda.

Here is an article about a Jew and his surname is Keller:

So while the name is not exclusively Jewish, it can be Jewish – but only RARELY. And there’s no other indication of judaism.

I know about Annie her friend, who definitely was NOT Jewish.

You asked for the video I watched. Here it is:

It’s short. I may have misunderstood it by thinking it means SHE IS JEWISH when in fact it says: "Helen Keller is a JEWISH BACKED MYTH".

But even so there are some strange things about her:-

She was a communist. She used the term socialist but the German idea of socialism is not the same as the Bolshevik idea of socialism.

The Germans burned her book about her becoming a socialist:

She was also into lots of woman power stuff like the suffragettes. And how was it that she went to Israel?

The notion that she might have been Jewish definitely crops up. In fact, there’s a whole paper that answers that question, but since I’m not a member I can’t find a free way of reading it:

According to the Jewish Daily Forward she was just a goyim who was a big friend of the Jews. Ditto for Mark Twain.

I do find it strange that this girl who had no connections, is suddenly befriended by all sorts of super-famous people. There must be more to her life than just a few happy accidents.

Of all the things, I find the fact that she became a communist, highly unsettling.

You said you worked in a place where: … helping adults who were at once legally blind and legally deaf…

I just want to clarify. She wasn’t just a "little bit blind" or a "little bit deaf". She was 100% blind and 100% deaf.

  1. She was not "legally blind" or partly blind. Her eyeballs were removed: Her eyes, which from the time she was nineteen months old had never seen a sunrise, a rainbow, or a human face, were luminous, as if they fathomed the inmost secrets of life and death. But Helen’s family had lived in dread that the public would discover that her eyes were artificial. For medical and cosmetic reasons, they had been removed and replaced with glass ones. – Source:

  2. She was not "legally deaf" or partly deaf. She was totally deaf. It states on wikipedia that the only way she could perceive sound was through touch – her fingers. She could pick up vibrations, that’s all.

  3. She had been able to see and hear for the first 19 months of her life, so she was 1 1/2 years old when she lost all sight and sound.

I may have misunderstood the original video regarding her, by not noting that it did not say outright she was Jewish but that she was: JEWISH BACKED …

So I think that is still solid.

Did JEWS promote her and make her famous and perhaps even tap into her stupidity or ignorance in falling for communism and other nonsense notions? Did Jews use her as a tool?

I think that question is still valid.

Did she really grasp things or was she propagandized and then given fame? Jews are KINGMAKERS. They do take people friendly to them and promote them and they do also destroy those who stand up to them. I think the question is: To what extent was Helen Keller a propaganda tool for the Jews?

I notice that Mark Twain, who was exceptionally famous was also a great lover of Jews.



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