Napoleon, Hitler and the Jews: English the language of liars: Jews as Nation destroyers

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[This is from a message I sent someone. Jan]

I have a LOT more to say about Napoleon. In recent months, in between other things I actually spent quite a lot of time hunting for and reading English translations of various memoirs by Frenchmen who knew Napoleon personally.

I have not gone through all the stuff written by them, but the material I have gone through actually caused me some amazement. I now know why in ENGLISH … why they never quote Napoleon on a large scale. They hide a LOT about what Napoleon actually said. It is now much easier for me to see how it is that we english-speaking Whites are lied to. Truly, English is the language of liars. The Jew rats and their scum have truly made the English side of our race quite insane actually. It is not just the Germans who are lied about. When reading Napoleon’s views on many things I was very surprised by various things Napoleon explained. In this regard, we are better off with regard to Napoleon, than we are regarding poor Hitler. There are so many things that we lost with Hitler’s death and without him having a chance to say many things. Napoleon in his final days spent quite a lot of time dictating to various men and they wrote up what he wrote. So Napoleon could explain many (but not all) things. Napoleon was the first character who really obsessed me and drew me to my love of history. There is no historical character I know more about than Napoleon. I’ve read everything about him that I can, from all his campaigns to his love affairs and personal life. So imagine my surprise at many things he said in his final years. Why? Because what he told the French, AND WHAT THE FRENCH THEMSELVES HAD TO SAY ABOUT HIM … It just blew my mind.

I will tell you, I uncovered more about Napoleon and the Jews. Napoleon said that the Jews were nation destroyers. But it turns out that a lot of FINANCIAL STUFF is nation-destroying. Interestingly, Napoleon had bad experiences with bankers – and he HATED THEM. All Napoleon’s complaints about the people who were destroying France basically boiled down to Jews and financial people. Compare that to our modern, insane love of money, business and the economy … It is no wonder that the West is being torn down. Napoleon gave examples of the behaviour of these people.

I must add, that in re-reading some of Julius Caesar’s own observations, the topic of wealth also comes up, and the German tribesmen, even in the time of the Romans, were very "socialist" in a certain way. The German tribesmen had rules about wealth and taking it away from people. It’s a topic I want to return to. When you elevate a love of money above all things, it leads to the destruction of the nation. I think in future times, people will look with horror at the modern time and our love of the wealthy. The Japanese, I read, in prior times, regarded traders AS THE LOWEST LEVEL OF SOCIETY. Compare that to us Whites these days.

Napoleon proudly boasted of how he militarized France and how wealthy France had become and the many plans he still had. Napoleon also never had to step down. He explained why he stepped down. He did it for the sake of the French. He stepped down in order to avoid civil war.

The "real Napoleon" is much more like Hitler. Whereas Hitler never set out to actually fight wars and he bent over backwards for that Jewish Island called Britain, Napoleon was not the same. Napoleon came to power during the war and Napoleon went to extreme lengths to militarize France. The France he created was powerful enough to survive against all of Europe.

Before Hitler came to power he never expected the world to be turned against him the way it was. At ALL TIMES, Hitler had, as his core strategy, PEACE WITH BRITAIN. Napoleon experienced the true evil of Britain and at a point, he set out to invade it properly. The Battle of Trafalgar was actually the beginning of the invasion of Britain … but it went wrong. And because it failed he was unable to engage in the massive amphibious operations he had prepared to invade and conquer Britain. He had EVERYTHING READY. Everything. If his army had landed in Britain, it would have been the greatest conquest of Britain since the Norman invasion. He would have flattened them. Hitler on the other hand, never at any time was close enough to do this. Nor did he want to.

Napoleon’s private secretary had some extremely nasty personal observations to make about Britain. The British were already busy trying to assassinate Napoleon early in his career. The British also were not interested in peace.

But returning to Napoleon, he, like Hitler, was an admirer of the Romans and Greeks.

Before I forget, I also came upon amazing references to Napoleon and RACE and Europeans! Napoleon spoke about all Europeans being "a family". I thought that the issue of race was only something that came up in the late 1800s. NOT!!!! Napoleon and others were talking about the races of men and books were being written about it! Napoleon then already was talking about all of Europe being united and being strong enough to almost rule the world!!!

Oh how far we have fallen!! We grovel to be ruled by Blacks and Jews. Good God! If you see how Napoleon thought, it was much closer to the way the Germans were thinking.

I made lots of notes because I have lots of lessons from Napoleon that Whites should learn. And you will see Napoleon is as refreshing and positive as Hitler. There is no need for our people to grovel to Jews and Blacks I tell you.

How it is that our race ended up where we have been due to nothing but the endless manufactured divisions among us.

In many respects I feel very sorry for Hitler. Truly, he was a poor man who did his utmost to save his nation, his people, his race and to make Europe great. And he was vilified for that. It is so disgusting. What happened to Hitler was criminal I tell you. The lies told about Hitler and the total misrepresentation of history is so disgusting.

I still also need to publish something I uncovered back in 2018, a proof that long before WW2, that the Jews had issued an order to the Free Masons of the WORLD to create a war against Germany BY ANY MEANS. The Jews wanted war by 1936. The order went out in 1935.

JEWS MANUFACTURED WW2. The only reason WW2 happened was BECAUSE OF JEWS! JEWS are the ONLY REASON why WW2 ever took place.

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