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[There is a new Rhodesian website that has popped up in recent weeks and the owner approached me, explaining the website, and I was spreading his website. However, I wanted him to see my most recent video about Captain John Murphy. Then he asked me about this video which is a result of a chat with JB Campbell the American who fought in Rhodesia:

Here was what I wrote:

Yes, the above is mine, but there are a few twists to this. I do NOT endorse that Ian Smith was a traitor. It was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT getting this American to be interviewed by me. EXTREMELY. And I had to allow him a chance to explain his views on Rhodesia including his assertion that Ian Smith was a TRAITOR.

Now the story of Ian Smith as a TRAITOR originates from South Africa. It may come from ex-Rhodesian Front who secretly colluded with the late Stephen Goodson whom I knew and I have all his books. His books are generally good, but he talks TOTAL SHIT about Ian Smith in my view. You might even find some of his arguments palatable because they are written in a soft liberal way. Among the crux issues of Goodson’s arguments are that Smith betrayed Rhodesia and set it up for a fall by getting us into a war. This is almost at the heart of his analysis. I DISAGREE that smith was a traitor and I say we had no choice.

But I must return to Campbell. The American Campbell made probably the best arguments regarding Rhodesia. He made the case of Smith as a traitor and he based it on the fact that Rhodesia had Mugabe and Nkomo in custody and they were being EDUCATED at Rhodesian Govt expense and they could do as they pleased. This is a fact. I have established where this is. Campbell said that the Rhodesian public should have known about this.

What I really wanted from Campbell, which he later refused to do, was that Campbell said that at a point Rhodesian Intel, possibly Special Branch, got information, hard information that Israel was assisting the terrorists. This is the key thing I wanted him to discuss which, by then our relationship faltered. I have however found a place where he did write this in a published journal. According to Campbell, when Rhodesia got hard evidence that Israel was helping terrorists, we told the South Africans and the South Africans put direct pressure on Israel to stop this immediately.

So beware, in these chats with Campbell, that I am allowing him to say all he wants, but one thing he says which I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH is that Smith was a planted TRAITOR. That is garbage.

But Campbell is a fascinating source of other information including groups inside rhodesia which we Rhodesian did NOT KNOW EXISTED.

There WERE people inside Rhodesia who knew other truths, but they themselves were suppressed by Smith, etc. There were even newsletters and other things rhodesians did not know and which I want to do further research on, and which I am happy to co-operate with.

NOTE: I have NEVER been supported by other Rhodesians. But I and another Rhodesian, Arthur Kemp, have individually, pushed forward on Rhodesia (separately – and even hostile to each other), and we have published much on rhodesia. So I will get very annoyed if you deal with me as a “one way street” if you do not give me some credit, or liaise with me properly. I have, single-handedly, done stuff, without any support from anyone and managed to get the topic of rhodesia going again. And I have stood firm on many of these things and done deep research here in South Africa, sometimes at great risk. I ran my original AfricanCrisis website from 2001-2018.

I will NOT support you or give you any credit for anything, if you do not do likewise with me. I am NOT into one-way street approaches. I have had to carve out my audiences IN THE FACE OF EXTREME HOSTILITY AND CONSTANT BANNING.

If you or any other Rhodesian associated with your website are interested in even doing interviews and having discussions with me, we can do that. I am 100% for an open discussion and sharing of information. But I also want to be given the intellectual credit for things that come from me.

My lecture 50 Years of Race War in Southern Africa, BLEW AWAY people who heard it – even in South Africa.

I am also working on the Portuguese and will be putting out info there. I see ALL of us who lived in southern Africa as a group who lived and worked together, and regardless of the weaknesses of the Portuguese, I will praise them for many good things they did as they helped us all.

I USED TO BE LIKE YOU. I used to believe in the soft-conservative Rhodesia, that we were fighting for Christian civilisation. But in the end, we WERE BETRAYED BY THE ANGLO-AMERICAN WORLD who did NOTHING for us. The people who really DID HELP US, are NEVER MENTIONED.

So if you are interested in a true discussion of Rhodesia, I am happy to chat, even in interviews which we can both publish. But I would appreciate you showing some open support for me EVEN IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ME. You can say openly that you disagree with me on x, y, z. That is fine. But what I will NOT TOLERATE is being shunned and ignored as if I don’t exist.

I’ve done lots of stuff about Rhodesia. I was banned many times.

There is also history of things inside Rhodesia and relating to Rhodesia which most Rhodesian do not know about.

I am all for getting the truth out, but I am not myopic. And I have long since lost any interest in the “paternal” view we whites had of the blacks. It should be obvious it was a total failure right down to the end of Zimbabwe. I liaised with people from Zimbabwe about the final events there.

Arthur Kemp is a Rhodesian and Arthur Kemp wrote his magnum opus as: “March of the Titans, the History of the White Race”.

This is a fantastic book and the only history of white people. It was written by Arthur Kemp in south Africa. I knew one of the people who assisted him, and he was a missile engineer, who was also a NAZI. Kemp, I think for all purposes is a NAZI himself – I suspect.

Kemp and I had serious disagreements. Kemp tried to shut me up when I wrote my book: Government by Deception (2001). Kemp did NOT like what I said about Janus Waluz the Pole who assassinated the communist Hani. Kemp was enraged with me and he’s never communicated with me since, even when I attempted to re-establish contact.

But I have no hard feelings towards Kemp. Kemp and I are the only HARD CORE EXTREMIST WHITES to come out of Rhodesia. And no Rhodesian ever mentions either of us, despite our massive amount of work that we did.

I am happy to share with you and work with you and we can have pleasant discussions about Rhodesia any time. We can talk and record it and I’ll make my recordings available to you on my website without a problem.

I have much more stuff from Campbell. I only interviewed him once for long, and sadly I did not get him to discuss the Israel thing.

Jews were not a topic in Rhodesia, but the Jews of Rhodesia did write a book about themselves and they immediately knifed the whites in the back. I have a copy of it. The key issue that Campbell had was the Jewish/Israel angle in Rhodesia and on that I questioned him at length. Campbell is direct and honest on these points.

My ONLY disagreement with Campbell is on the notion that Ian Smith was a traitor. There is nothing to prove that. And Goodson’s argument on it is rubbish in my opinion. That is the only thing Goodson published that I regard as rubbish.

Campbell did describe a very important Rhodesian publication which was trying to warn Rhodesians about Jewish influence. This publication was shut down by Ian Smith. It was called “Property & Finance”. That was one of the few hardcore Rhodesian publications.

The Jewish topic is a complex one, and it goes back to Britain and Europe and it played a much bigger role in South Africa. In Rhodesia it was virtually negligible. But there were many Jews in rhodesia, a shocking number of the mayors of our towns and cities were Jewish. Jews may have assisted in some of the sanctions busting. The Jewish topic is a tough one, that needs more research.

Cecil Rhodes also is a strange character. Rhodes, in the big biography about him he said: “If the Jews come to my country, I know everything will be alright”. But Rhodes himself was part of a bigger conspiracy and Rhodes, like the creators of Rhodesia and major players in South Africa were all working with Jews in the diamonds and gold.

For the record, Rhodes was part of a secret conspiracy, that was documented by the American Professor Carroll Quigley.

There are things about, and around and inside Rhodesia that the Rhodesians of our time DID NOT KNOW.

There was even a Rhodesian White People’s Party. Someone showed me the newsletters. I might even be able to get them. These were Rhodesian NAZIs. A tiny group.

There is much I can share and show and co-operate on, and I would happily talk and interview Rhodesians. I am looking for information, especially on the war, especially on secret things.

Special Branch interests me a lot.

As a Radical, I will tell you, I think Rhodesia needs to be resettled and conquered by whites in the future.

I have a totally unsympathetic view of the blacks.

I was friendly to the blacks and I did help the Zimbabweans in my early days on the Internet. They are totally f*cking useless.

I have published a Zanu PF CIO hitlist of people to be killed. I’m the only one who published that. I have unique stuff from the final days when Mugabe wiped out the white farmers.

I even had a Zimbabwe Member of Parliament come to me in Johannesburg to ask me for R2 million. He was against ZANU PF. I regard the blacks as totally useless.

Rhodesians try to play the liberal angle but here are some FACTS:-
1. The Rhodesian Govt was white, elected by whites.
2. Most of the Rhodesian army was white and the heaviest fighting for the most part was done by whites.
3. The Selous Scouts was truly multiracial and was probably the best that happened re races – But I have had one Rhodesian author tell me that he disagrees with the notion that the selous scouts killed most of our enemies and that in fact the Rhodesian airforce was the biggest killer. This interests me. I can’t say for sure.
4. Ian Smith said that black majority rule should not occur in 1,000 years. I totally agree with this.

Rhodesia in the end were whites who wanted independent for a multi-racial state CONTROLLED BY WHITES. WHITES VOTED. WHITES WERE IN CHARGE.

The British gave independence to all the black states who made up the federation, but refused to give it to whites.

A system where whites rule non-whites is known, academically as “White Supremacist”. Despite our soft views of the blacks and our fairness, etc – the fact is that Ian Smith and the Rhodesian Front were, academically: WHITE SUPREMACISTS. And it was mostly WHITES who fought the hardest to retain this system.

So Rhodesians need to man up to the fact that we were NOT liberals and we thought blacks were idiots, which we are right about.

Rhodesians say we were not an Apartheid state, but it was damned close to being one. So trying to pretend we were better than South Africa by “being less racist” is also not something I approve of. We were racist. We thought blacks were idiots and should not rule. We were an elite who were controlling a black mass. The blacks were our lowly, mass, cheap labour.

I will send you more and look forward to hearing from you. I have been open to talking to and interviewing Rhodesian for years. The only person who did that for a while was a guy here in South Africa who is a deep Christian. He had to stop talking to me because Liberal Christians in the USA pulled the plug on his finances and seriously harmed his organisation.


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