Video: JEWS AT WORK? – Facebook Shadow BOOSTS Ben Shapiro, Why?


[Andrew Torba of Gab has come up with the idea that Facebook is "shadow boosting" Ben Shapiro. Then he wonders why. Well maybe it's not a big mystery at all. Could it be that Shapiro is being boosted by Jews BECAUSE HE IS JEWISH??? I've noticed this Jewish idiot Shapiro and even listened to a few minutes of his stupid videos. I don't take him seriously, but it's amazing what a following he has. I don't concern myself with the "Good Jews" either. They're all enemy. Jan]

You can watch Andrew Torba’s video:

While American Populists, Christians, and Nationalists are censored and banned from Facebook, Ben Shapiro is being artifically propped up and has never meaningfully experienced Big Tech censorship. Why is this? Andrew Torba breaks it down.

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