My Chats to other South Africans about people dropping dead after being vaccinated…

Since my discussion with my Dentist last week about 2 of his patients who died some time AFTER being vaccinated, and his remarks that his mother-in-law is deteriorating a LOT ("aged ten years") since being vaccinated … and also a friend of mine, whose brother died a few weeks ago AFTER being vaccinated…

The information is still coming in. My friend told me about another lady both of us know well, Julie, who was vaccinated a few months back. Julie is now in hospital with water on her lungs and a heart valve problem.

Then when I spread that around to some friends … then my late mother’s best friend said to me that one of the doctors in the town she lives in, died recently. He too had been vaccinated.

So it looks as if the topic of deaths from the vaccine in South Africa is simply an unexplored one. The reality is that there are clearly many deaths that are unexplained.

I suspect though, that if people tried to claim that the vaccine is the cause, that you’ll find you have a real, nasty uphill battle having to prove this in court. I think they will make it as difficult as possible to prove this.

I think the initial circumstantial evidence definitely shows that something very bizarre is afoot.

Real people are dropping dead. There’s no question about that.

A lady I know in America, who used to work at a university, was sending me info on studies of the vaccines by other laboratories. It seems that certain types of chemicals exist in the vaccines, which can move through your entire body and which can poison other organs.

I’ll post this info.

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