Free eBook: Did Six Million Jews really die in WW2?



I’m giving away the small book: Did Six Million really die? It is about the supposed 6 million Jews who died in Europe in WW2. It was NOT written by a German. But when the German Ernst Zundel dared to print it in “Free Canada” the Jews worked ceaselessly to DESTROY HIM. Despite him winning court battles at times, he still ended up being expatriated to Germany where he spent many years in jail. The treatment he received was hideous and its proof that the Jews will stop at nothing to destroy the truth. If you’ve never looked into the Jewish lies about the so-called “Holocaust”, then I urge you to. Then you will see that the biggest, bold-faced LIARS are on OUR SIDE!

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I have been experiencing some problems with email from my websites in recent weeks. If you don’t get the book I will email a copy to everyone a bit later.

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