Mozambique: The Portuguese man who tried to warn White South Africa: Roca Report found?


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[I’m behind on comments – very behind on comments, so my apologies to everyone. But I’m trying to work away on everything, especially videos TODAY!!!

I spotted a link that someone probably put in the comments. And the link goes to a blogspot called the Roca Report. This is after the year 2000. When I look at the articles there, including the style of writing I think we have a little bit of the Roca Report online.

The style of writing, is EXACTLY the same as the Roca Report. This must be an attempt by whomever wrote it, to go online and then her gave up. Notice he’s up to issue no 157. I’m sure I have a Roca Report in a cupboard somewhere. I’ll go looking. The man who wrote this report was superior to Aida Parker and everyone else. This man knew his stuff.

I want to show you a little excerpt that I spotted. This man was so dead on the money, so succinct in his comments, etc. He saw through every Liberal/Jewish/communist charade AND his ONLY SOURCE WAS NEWSPAPERS! He could read a piece of Liberal crap and still extract the truth out of it as clear as daylight.

Now let me give you some background: In 2000-2008, while President Mbeki, who was DEEPLY LOVED BY THE JEWS, was talking his nonsense, Mbeki was assisting Mugabe in every way while Mugabe was smashing the white farmers and driving them out.

Early on in 2000, 2001, 2002, etc – Liberal liars and others used to say: “When will South Africa stop Mugabe?” … and of course Mbeki’s intention was: NEVER!! NEVER! And all the time there were lies about things that would be done (which were never done) and all kinds of FALSE HOPE given to keep the whites quiet. But in actual fact the goal was of course to let Mugabe have his way and at a point he even wanted to borrow R1 billion from the South African Govt – which I think the West stopped them from giving, but on the whole they did sweet bugger all as they always do.

But this guy was spotting this stuff and showing it clearly.

I rate this Portuguese man as one of the finest commentators and predictors about South Africa and southern Africa that we’ve had in DECADES and yet he was virtually unknown. I don’t know how big his subscriber base was. I suspect it was much smaller than Aida Parkers’. But he was good. And he cut through the nonsense. Aida Parker waffled on this way and that way. But the Roca Report, sliced through it like a hot knife through butter and this Portuguese man knew his black communists like the back of his hand! Jan]

Read what The Roca Report wrote in 2002:


No 157, January 2002


The first days of 2002 saw a
sharp deterioration in the situation in Zimbabwe as Mugabe attempted to push repressive legislation through Parliament, including draconian new security laws and curbs on the press. South Africa continues to be passive in the face of the escalating crisis and growing international dismay that Mbeki has failed to take effective action to bring Mugabe to heel. Although the Rand has recovered somewhat from the lows it recorded in the last weeks of 2001, a commission of inquiry is to look into the causes of its sharp decline. Interest rates have been raised and large increases in the price of food and other goods are expected in 2002.

If you go to this link of the Roca Report, then you’ll see he saw everything clearly. Everything he said turned out to be dead right. His next article said:


Zimbabwe’s wily president, Robert Mugabe, is successfully implementing a two-fold strategy to ensure his victory in the presidential election set for March
9-10, 2002. He is deflecting international criticism by making promises and concessions he has no intention of keeping. Internally, he is hamstringing his opponents through harsh new laws and violence.

That is not the full article about Mugabe’s tricks. There is much more. You can read the Roca Report HERE.

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