More and more REBELLION in the air in America…

When I look at various things, including even Trump doing his stuff and also the many other things going on… Critical Race theory push back … Americans not wanting to return to work, or others wanting to change jobs… and general rebellion against, face masks, vaccines, COVID… politics … Jews… Dementia Joe Biden… illegal President….

I’m chuckling a lot.

We have a LOT of REBELLION in the air.

That’s plain excellent.

Folks on the White Right … JUST KEEP ON WORKING AWAY… We’re going to change the world.

Don’t think it’s not possible.

The things I’m seeing are things I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. It gets weirder and funnier, and those in power are almost powerless to stop the many things happening.

So just keep on helping other Whites … focus on THE GREAT AWAKENING… and keep on teaching.

This baby is going to blow in the years ahead.

But COVID … boy did COVID backfire… on the Jews, Liberals and the Elite…. Hahahaha.

That was the big straw that broke the camel’s back.

And even all this WOKE shit… is even impacting outside the USA.

This WOKE crap and BLM crap ….

I’m loving it all.

Rebellion is coming in the years ahead and it’s not too much of a wait.

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