MILITARY HISTORY: CIVIL WARS: I am looking for a good PDF on the Arab/Israeli War of 1948 or other wars

I am looking for a good PDF about the actual conflict, the war and the battles that took place in 1948 that resulted in the creation of the state of Israel. I want to study the actual military angle.

I have something I’m going through, but I’m looking for something with "military meat".

I am also generally interested in CIVIL WARS of the last century, again, I am looking for MILITARY DETAIL – the campaigns and the battles inside the countries.

I have studied conventional war and guerilla war, but the one area where I am struggling to find good literature is CIVIL WARS – not African wars – I want Civil Wars in the West or anywhere else. Civil Wars function very differently to normal inter-state conflict.

The US Civil war does not count because it is actually a state versus state war. In that sense the US Civil War is a CONVENTIONAL STATE WAR, like in Europe. So that is not valid.

The most appropriate conflict I could think of was the Arab Israeli war of 1948. You had people living in a mixed society and then they began fighting with each other.

I know all about how the Jews came into the country and began pouring in.

What I want to study is the process of conflict among peoples in such a situation.

If you have any ideas of similar wars worth studying, the please put your comments below the article and if you can recommend PDF files, then either post the PDF or a link to the PDF.


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