Military: Drug scandal shakes elite Norwegian unit – My Comments

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[I would bet you that the Elite Unit is totally White. I think most if not all Western Military Units are White. I know this is so even in the US Military. This is because they still have high standards. So it's very sad to hear these guys are taking drugs. I wonder what's going on there? Jews? Jan]

Dozens of troopers were sacked over cocaine and ecstasy use, their chief has revealed

Drug scandal shakes elite Norwegian unit

Thirty members of Norway’s Royal Guard unit have been dismissed after using illegal drugs while on leave, their commanding officer Trond Robert Forbregd told the country’s state broadcaster NRK on Wednesday.

Forbregd said that the military was tipped off about illegal drugs being consumed at a private party over the summer.

“I have no confidence in the 30 who admit to using illegal drugs,” he said.

Initially, five conscripts admitted to taking drugs, but 25 more eventually confessed to use of cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana.

All 30 of those dismissed were members of His Majesty the King’s Guard army unit, which is tasked with protecting Norway’s royal family.

Brage Steinson Wiik-Hansen, a spokesman for the Army, told NRK that there is no suspicion that individuals at other departments consumed illegal drugs.

Norway’s armed forces have a strict zero-tolerance policy for illegal drug use, which can result in service members being expelled for infractions.

The country’s parliament passed liberal drug laws last year that, while stopping short of full decriminalization, implement so-called “Good Samaritan” rules for possession of smaller quantities.


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