Military Coup under way in Zimbabwe


Its astounding the things that have happened in southern Africa in the last few weeks. The white farm murder protest is a HUGE event which is still not finished. And now this … out of the blue.

The news coming in is that a military coup is under way in Zimbabwe and that the Mugabe’s may be out of power.

Mugabe was busy preparing a dynasty for his family, with his wife as the next President and even his 2 sons were involved.

Zuma is doing the same in South Africa on an even bigger scale because he is polygamous and has several wives. Mugabe and Zuma are using wealth and their family to build dynasty’s.

But it seems Mugabe may have made a misstep.

There is various info I’m getting and looking into.

If Mugabe is out, that would be a momentous and shocking event across Africa for black power.

But the fact that South Africa is not intervening indicates to me that South Africa’s ruling communists are happy with these events. This is really a struggle of communist versus communist.

It does not offhand mean good things for whites.

If Mugabe is out, the really good thing for whites would be that his deeply racist influences might now be gone. He was for example supporting Julius Malema in South Africa. This could be a big blow for guys like Malema and for the big racist pushes by the blacks.

So this might be good for the whites of South Africa.

If Mugabe is gone, that could be a very important thing that has happened, which could help the whites.

I also heard that REAL BIG BUSINESSES in Zimbabwe were now failing. The country is falling even further than it had already fallen (which was very far I might add).

I’ll have to get more info and analyse it.

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