Lying Jew at work: Trump’s son-in-law: Jew Jared Kushner: Always “forgetting” important things


I’ve done videos on the Jewish strategy of lying on my site in the past, but I felt it was inadequate. You can view The Jewish strategy of lying here:

Then Jews and insurance fraud can be viewed here:

Then I did a special video called: “JEWS105: Jews are too sly & sneaky for Whites…” which you can view here:

Just the other day I was chatting to a friend about history and Jewish lies and I was surprised yet again to see how easily a Jew can fool a highly educated white person. Jews are masters at telling “soft lies”. They know how to tell a “soft” sweet lie. It sounds so innocent. Jews caught me out with this many many times.

Jared is married to Ivanka. They said the other day that if they get the chance to be the next President of the USA, that Jared will defer to Ivanka and let her be America’s first woman president. Isn’t that so sweet hey? That’s just Jewish BS at work. Always marketing and talking their Jewish nonsense.

Here are some links below. Notice how Jared Kushner seems to be making one “mistake” on top of another and each one is explained away as him being “forgetful” or he’s “new”. He “forgets” to mention important assets which he should be disclosing. He “forgets” to mention important meetings, etc. He’s living on the edge it seems, always “forgetting” very important things. Some months back I was noticing his “forgetfulness”. I believe he’s also on the verge of bankruptcy – but don’t let that worry you. I knew “bankrupt” Jews who could live exceptionally well. They do not view assets and money the way you and I do. They can play loose and fast in ways that will astound you. These are unethical people to put it mildly.

The behaviour of Jared Kushner reminds me of the British Jew Lord Janner who “forgot” all sorts of things when confronted by boys who said he had sex with them, but Lord Janner did not “forget” to file his tax returns. He also died very conveniently when eventually after 20 years of stalling, they managed to get him to court! All very “convenient”.

Now for a young guy, Kushner seems to be “forgetting” so many things. My view is that this is just a lying Jew and he is not forgetting anything. He is just a chancer and he tries to lie and trick his way out of things again and again. That’s all. This is simply a slippery Jew at work.

His staff also have to remind him of things. He even “forgets” national security stuff. But a sly Jew is merely busy testing people and seeing what he can get away with – that’s all. What you are seeing are the times he’s been caught out. What you’re NOT seeing are the many things he HAS GOT AWAY WITH! That, my friends is the way a Jew operates! Always testing you. I know. My Jewish friends played with my head many, many times and I wasn’t even aware of it. Jews are TOO SLY FOR WHITES! Whites must WAKE UP and TAKE MORE NOTICE!

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